Funny: Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

  • The entire Visual Pun done by djy1991 are what make Full life consequences hilarious. While Full Life Consequences was bland and just run of the mill Trollfic; is the lifeless faces, spaghetti like extremities, the broken puppet movements, absurd representation of the ideas (like the motorcyle/bathtub), the subs with all the gramattical erros and the just plain retarded in crack atmosphere that permate every single second and every single character in the entire video what makes Full Life Consequences this magical travel throught the wacko mundo of Full Life Consequences.
  • Whenever John Freeman pulls a silly face of some description.
  • The accompanying visual gag with "it gave them hop!" in the Djy1991 version.
    • John Freeman slowly reaching for a self-destruct button... and then slamming his face into the console.
      • Over and over again.
      • While Spider-Man watches.
    • The plume of suspicious gas behind John Freeman as he comfarts Gordon Freeman.
    • When Henry Freeman says to John Freeman, "Dad! Mom has dead!" and slaps him. Even funnier is John Freeman's response: He yells, "Combines...! You killed wife?!" while bent forward at the waist and at the same time looking straight up into the sky and flailing his arms.
      • And in a YouTube Poop, John Freeman's dialogue is replaced by Soldier screaming "AGH MY SPINE!", which fits perfectly with the visual.
  • The accompanying visual for the line "The pants were dead" is hilarious.
  • "Henry Freeman saw the dead going on all around", as Alyx dances in the background for no apparent reason.
    • "The pants were dead!"
    • I can't give you my license, officer. :(
  • WEPON.
  • The fact that you can hear the narrator giggling as he reads it in the djy1991 video is funny in its own right.
  • "Then a big rocket came down and blew a guy's arm off and legs and head and killed other people too." Simply the best description of what happens when a missile explodes. The way that the narrator delivers it in an "Unusually Uninteresting Sight" manner in djy1991's video only makes it even funnier.
  • djy1991 interprets John Freeman "turning on off the computer" as all the computers in the office being sucked into a black hole.
    • Of course that's the second part that goes Up to Eleven. Equally hilarious was in the original video when he interpreted "John Freeman got his computer shut down" as John Freeman smashing his hard drive.
  • Let's not forget the fact that John Freeman's "motorcycle" as depicted in the videos is literally a bath tub attached to two large wheels- and John Freeman repeatedly does impractical and clearly unsafe backflips with it. Meanwhile his "other more faster motorcycle that had gas in it this time" is basically a living room chair atop a car frame with a few controls.
    • He also starts humping said bike.
  • Henry Freeman's mom is somehow able to talk without her head.
    • "Stupid humen girl with no head."
  • In the djy1991 version, the way John Freeman just sort-of... drops Gordon Freeman after he dies.
  • In the djy1991 version, the Spit Take done by one of the Combine soldiers while shouting "STOP THE HUMENS!"