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Funny: Gilmore Girls
  • Paris kissing Rory at Spring Break to prove she's spontaneous.
  • Rory, Paris, and Lane get absolutely hammered with Miss Patty's punch and discuss their miserable love lives.
  • Rory gets her first in the pilot, when Lorelai confronts the guy whom she turned down and later found hitting on Rory.
    Lorelai: Hi. I see you've met my daughter.
    Rory: Are you my new daddy?
  • I'm rather partial to the Fight Montage in "Friday Night's All right for Fighting"
  • Kirk's "night terrors".
  • "I'm not the first guy to name a restaurant after myself! What about Mr. Denny or Mr. E. Cheese?"
  • ''Dammit Gilmore, give them back their balls!''
  • The diorama of a modern family at the Stars Hollow Historical Museum.
    Mother: I just love serving breakfast to my family!
    Child: And I love Jesus!
  • A completely soaked Paris rushes in from the stormy outdoors to appraise a not very sharp girl who asked "Is it raining?" of how it is outside;
    Paris: No, it's National Baptism Day! Tie your tubes, idiot!
  • Lorelai comes up with a phrase of Inherently Funny Words. "Oy with the poodles already!"
  • "Where have all the anvils gone?"
  • Emily sneaking up on Lorelai while she dances and lip-syncs to Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing" in her Jeep.
  • Luke pushes Jess into a lake without flinching.
  • Jess's black eye and his story about attacked by a swan. Luke doesn't believe him but humors him when they row out to the lake and try to attack the swan with a ladle.
    • "I'm telling you, [the swan] is vicious." "Yeah, his butt's terrifying."
  • At the Bracebridge dinner, Dean comments to Rory that he think Jess is a jerk. They turn to see Jess standing in the foyer talking to Luke and Lorelai and when the three of them make eye contact, Jess simply waves hello at them with a semi-innocent look on his face, making Dean seethe with irritation.
    • Jackson as the Bracebridge squire.
  • The short movie Kirk made.
  • Emily tries explaining her wedding day woes to Lorelai.
    Lorelai: What does that even mean?
  • The minstrel at Liz and TJ's wedding. It's a funny moment in-universe as well, Luke and Lorelai are clearly trying to think of ways not to laugh while Jess makes faces in an attempt to not crack.
    • Before that, Liz and her friends meet up at Luke's diner. A postal worker carrying a package comes into the diner with a package for Liz. Jess, being completely aware of what's about to happen, hightails it out of there and gives a clueless Luke a "Have fun!!" look. Luke has no idea...until the postal worker reveals that he's really a stripper and starts dancing for Liz.
  • Lorelai finding out that Rory was the cause of the fight at a Wild Teen Party. She starts singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings".
  • In "That Damn Donna Reed", Rory dresses up as, and acts like, a stereotypical housewife as a way of teaching Dean a lesson (she thinks he was acting a little sexist). When Lorelai sees her in that outfit, she's highly amused:
    Lorelai: Well, OK, you're 16. You have a whole house to yourself for the evening. I expect that you're going to have your boyfriend over. But what is with the apron?
    Rory: It's a long story.
    Lorelai: Did it involve a sharp blow to the head?
    Rory: I gotta go check on Apricot.
    Lorelai: Oh my God! I just saw the pearls.
    Rory: I'm going in now.
    Lorelai: You know what? I'm going inside too. 'Cause I have to write down all the ways I'm gonna torture you about that outfit.
    Rory: Good night!
    Lorelai: Could I just get a picture though? 'Cause visual aids would really help. Oh, oh! Oh the shoes! I am dying. Oh.
  • The shocked look on Lorelai's face when Floyd Stiles reveals that he knows she and Jason are dating
  • Lorelai wakes up to Luke fixing her porch rail.
  • A reverend and a rabbi make fun of Taylor in Luke's Diner.
    Taylor: I'm not afraid of your bubbes, Rabbi.
    Reverend: Oh, God, thank you for letting me be in the room when Taylor said that.
  • Luke's Freak Out when he discovers Taylor put in a window connecting the soda shoppe to his diner
  • The church pastor finding Luke and Lorelai breaking the church bells. His response? "Oh thank god...carry on."
  • Jess sneaks into the dance marathon and attempts to grab a snack from the concession stand...except it's operated by Lane and Mrs. Kim.
    Mrs. Kim: Who are you??
    Jess: Jess. [Beat] Ma'am.

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