Awesome: Gilmore Girls

  • Emily verbally eviscerating Mrs. Huntzberger in season 6.
  • Rory gets her Balalaika's out on Emily.
  • Lorelai reenacts the ending of Season 5 and ends up reinstating Friday Night Dinners. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The brutal fencing duel between Rory and Paris in season 3.
  • Every fist fight in the show.
  • Literally everything Dave does in order to date Lane: spending 5 straight hours playing hymns, giving a detailed explanation of why he's a decent person to Mrs. Kim, reading the entire Bible in ONE night.
  • Luke vs. Christopher finally coming to blows…in the town square…amidst all the Christmas decorations…without a single word spoken by either of them...
  • In Season 5: Luke calling Chris out on never being there for Rory, and that he was more of a father to her.
  • Paris tearing into Logan (Rory's slacker boyfriend) in season 6.
    • "You, Logan Huntzberger, are nothing but a two-bit, spoiled waste of a trustfund. You offer nothing to women, or the world in general. If you were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, the only person that would miss you is your Porsche dealer."
  • Paris has another one in season 2 when she covers for Rory when Dean discovers Rory, Jess, and Paris having dinner together.
  • Floyd Stiles pulling the rug out from everyone at a Friday Night Dinner in season four where he reveals that he's suing Richard, that Richard put his pension up for collateral, and that he knew that his son, Jason, and Lorelai were dating. because he'd been having them followed by a PI
  • Jess standing up to Logan's insults.
    Logan: "You should send me a copy." [Of his book]
    Jess: "Sure, where do I send it? The blonde dick at Yale?"
    • Made even funnier, as Logan has been harassing Jess all night to no avail. Jess opens his mouth once and boom. It only takes a few words.
    • Followed by Jess walking out and confronting Rory about the mess she's made, voicing the thoughts of viewers all over the world.
    Jess: This isn't you! This! You going out with this jerk, with the Porsche! We made fun of guys like this!
    Rory: You caught him on a bad night.
    Jess: This isn't about him! Okay? Screw him! What's going on with you? This isn't you, Rory. You know it isn't. What's going on?
    Rory: I don't know... I don't know.
    Viewers: FINALLY!
    • Made even better, as, because of his words, Rory reunites with Lorelai and goes back to Yale.
    • Jess' return itself is a CMOA. Before he was a high school dropout, screw up and no one except Rory and Luke believed he'd amount to anything. In Season 6, he's turned his life around, is a successful writer and businessman running his own bookstore and gallery. Now he's the one inspiring Rory. Imagine Taylor, Lorelai, Dean and Stars Hollow's reactions.
    • Let's just say in season 6 Jess is a living, breathing CMOA, and leave it at that.
  • The judge in Season six sentencing Rory for stealing a boat and giving her a speech about how she respects law and doesn't tolerate rich brats who feel entitled to ignore it. Just after Rory bragged she's going to Yale (despite technically having been dropped out) in hope to impress said judge, and her rich grandfather and his lawyer had assured her they had everything under control. And the judge gave her a punishment about five times harsher than they expected.