Funny / Eurovision Song Contest

  • Many, many of them, almost always from Sir Terry's and Graham's commentary.
  • Moldova's entry in 2011. SO LUCKY!
  • From Eurovision 2012, we have Russian Grandmothers and their Baking Party. They were loved by everyone.
    • In the Australian broadcast, we got to hear peoples' opinions on Twitter, which were quite funny.
  • In 2012, Mr. Lordi presented Finland's results. He went ahead to declare each top 3 votegetter the "hottest, cutest, prettiest, ______" before actually revealing their identity. See for yourself.
  • DUSTIN THE TURKEY, competing for Ireland in 2008. Yes, it's a muppet puppet.
  • One of the candidates to represent Estonia in 2013, Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti, by Winny Puhh is quickly becoming well-known for being a bucket full of "what".
  • During the beginning of the voting of the 2012 contest, Albania gave Greece their 12 points. Graham Norton's comment says what we're all thinking.
    The Greek finance minister has just died a little inside.
  • Petra Mede presented the 2013 show and for one of the interval breaks, she presented "Swedish Smörgåsbord", a hysterical song about everything Sweden is famous for. There's a reason she was brought back to host the 2016 contest. And then there's her deadpan reactions to the vote presenters.
    Buzzfeed: I can safely say that after watching this video, I have never understood Sweden more fully.
  • 2013's Cezar performing the world's first falsetto vampire dubstep opera, in a giant cape. Over on Twitter, Mark Gatiss immediately expressed his joy at seeing the Master's new vocation.
  • Also in 2013, the character of Lynda Woodruff, a fictional spokesperson for the EBU. It began as a sketch in the Swedish Melodifestivalen the year before and was carried over into the actual Eurovision Finale the next year. Sarah Dawn Finer is absolutely hilarious as Lynda: See for yourselves.
    • Highlights include:
    Lynda: I've been given a bedtime snack. These amazing raindeer chips. (sniffs them, coughs) I'll save them for later.
    • And, when she's accidentally been in Copenhagen Denmark instead of Malmö Sweden:
    Lynda: Well how was I supposed to know we were in Denmark? As if anyone can see the difference. This is what happens when you've bloody Bonnie Tyler on your GPS.
    GPS: (in song) Turn around...
    Lynda: Turn it off!
  • Lena's EPIC FAIL voting in the 2013 Grand Final. You had one job, girl.
  • Any of the Eurovision Book of Records skits from 2014. The "Most Silver" one even referenced the Epic Sax Guy.
  • In 2014 the hosts started to talk about the unthanked people of the song contest, the commentators and then go to Graham Norton who clearly wasn't expecting it. Hilarity Ensues
  • In 2008, Spain sent Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, a character made for the show by comedian David Fernández, with a song parodying both Eurovision jams, South American reggaeton songs and Spanish summer hits like the Macarena. From being just a parody featured in showman Andreu Buenafuente's late-night program, it became an Ascended Meme in Spain (most people voted for him thinking it was better to send a joke than another performer, since they were going to lose anyway),and was actually sent to the contest. Best part? He made it to 16th. Since then, the performers sent to the show are chosen by Spanish's public broadcasting company.
  • Swedish commentator Edward af Sillén is starting to give Graham Norton a run for his money in the comedy department. Highlights from 2015 include encouraging viewers not to look during an advertisement (since SVT that airs the show in Sweden is a public service network that doesn't get funding from advertisement) and this collection of snark which includes a comment that went viral on tumblr and twitter:
    af Sillén: As you might have noticed, Ukraine isn't part of ESC this year. Anyway, here's Russia with a song about peace.
  • Just about everything in this video.
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas, Eurovision style.
  • These two videos of the dress rehearsal voting from the 1995 contest.
  • During the 2016 contest the hosts, Petra Mede and 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw, thought it would be a good idea to pretend to be taxi drivers and pick up tourists who were there for Eurovision. Then they would slowly reveal who they were. After that they picked up some special guests, namely Verka Serduchka and the lead singer of Lordi.
    • Followed up with their parody sketch "Love Love Peace Peace", in which they demonstrate what makes the perfect Eurovision song, with special cameos from past winners like Alexander Rybak and Lordi, and memorable contestants, like Hamster Wheel Guy and Jedward.
    • And don't forget the sketches joking about Sweden's Eurovision obsession.
    • During the semifinals, Petra discusses the fact that Belarus's entrant Ivan wanted to perform naked with a pack of wolves, but was denied by the producers. Cue Måns rolling onto the stage behind her completely naked with just a stuffed wolf covering his nether regions, rolling away in disappointment after Petra said the producers said no.
    • Also during the semifinals, Petra and Måns perform a musical number about what Eurovision is about. So much shade thrown.
      Getting votes from your neighbours is a sure way to get your song disgraced
      But when Sweden gets twelve points from Norway, it's clearly just good taste!
  • Ukraine's 2016 point presenter was none other than Verka Serduchka, their "mother" and a bottle of alcohol.
  • Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi cameo as their characters from Vicious after all 26 performances in the 2016 final.
    Freddie: You know I considered appearing on Eurovision when I was a young man.
    Stuart: There was no Eurovision when you were a young man. There was barely Europe.
  • During the voting in 1981:
    Doireann Ní Bhriainnote : Good evening Yugoslavia. Could I have your votes please?
    Helga Vlahovićnote : (beat) I don't have it