Funny: Eurovision Song Contest

  • Many, many of them, almost always from Sir Terry's and Graham's commentary.
  • Moldova's entry in 2011. SO LUCKY!
  • From Eurovision 2012, we have Russian Grandmothers and their Baking Party. They were loved by everyone.
    • In the Australian broadcast, we got to hear peoples' opinions on Twitter, which were quite funny.
  • In 2012, Mr. Lordi presented Finland's results. He went ahead to declare each top 3 votegetter the "hottest, cutest, prettiest, ______" before actually revealing their identity. See for yourself.
  • DUSTIN THE TURKEY, competing for Ireland in 2008. Yes, it's a muppet puppet.
  • One of the candidates to represent Estonia in 2013, Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti, by Winny Puhh is quickly becoming well-known for being a bucket full of "what".
  • During the results section 2012 contest, Greece received a high amount of points. Graham Norton's comment says what we're all thinking.
    The Greek finance minister has just died.
  • 2013's Cezar performing the world's first falsetto vampire dubstep opera, in a giant cape. Over twitter, Mark Gatiss immediately expressed his joy at seeing the Master's new vocation.
  • Also in 2013, the character of Lynda Woodruff, a fictional spokesperson for the EBU. It began as a sketch in the Swedish Melodifestivalen the year before and was carried over into the actual Eurovision Finale the next year. Sarah Dawn Finer is absolutely hilarious as Lynda: See for yourselves.
    • Highlights include:
    Lynda: I've been given a bedtime snack. These amazing raindeer chips. (sniffs them, coughs) I'll save them for later.
    • And, when she's accidentally been in Copenhagen Denmark instead of Malmö Sweden:
    Lynda: Well how was I supposed to know we were in Denmark? As if anyone can see the difference. This is what happens when you've bloody Bonnie Tyler on your GPS.
    GPS: (in song) Turn around...
    Lynda: Turn it off!
  • Lena's EPIC FAIL voting in the 2013 Grand Final. You had one job, girl.
  • During the first 2014 semi-final, they referenced the Epic Sax Guy.
  • In 2014 the hosts started to talk about the unthanked people of the song contest, the commentators and then go to Graham Norton who clearly wasn't expecting it. Hilarity Ensues