Quotes: Eurovision Song Contest

“To the best of my knowledge there’s nothing quite like the Eurovision song contest for offering up a must-watch mix of good old state-funded entertainment and high camp,”
-Tyler Brűlé, editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine.

"It's like all your talent shows, but instead of laughing at a contestant, we get to laugh at an entire country"
-Anonymous comment on Youtube, explaining Eurovision to a novice.

Terry Wogan: It has brought together the nations of Europe.
Stephen Fry: Has it arse, it's divided east from west!
Terry Wogan: It has brought together the nations Europe on wings of song...and you only have to listen to my commentary to realise how much I believe that.
QI episode "Family".

"We use the term 'European' very loosely."
-Graham Norton on The Graham Norton Show whilst explaining the concept to an American.

"This next performance features a trapeze. Why? Because it's Eurovision!" (Azerbaijan)
"This performance includes a circular piano. Because Eurovision." (Romania)

"There's not enough silliness in the world. Eurovision helps to keep it balanced."