Funny / El Chavo del ocho

The stories we could tell...

  • First of all, many jokes are repeated countless times through the series and yet they're funny every single time.
  • This Troper finds himself cracking up every single time he watches the "Posada" episode: Mr. Barriga is sweeping the patio's floor, unaware that El Chavo is nearby, swinging a little piñata around in expanding circles, approaching inch by inch to unsuspecting Mr. Barriga's head... and then suddenly striking Quico, who was behind of El Chavo, off-screen.
  • Quico and Ñoño ask Don Ramon about El Chavo.
    Don Ramon: He was here a minute ago... looking for a fat guy and an idiot.
    Quico: He was looking for us!! =D
  • Quico and El Chavo are giving a bath to the latter's new dog (Which is named "Little Ramon"). So, when Quico turns, El Chavo accidentally brushes soap into the boy's shorts. Cue to his response:
    Quico: Chavo... I think I made a mistake.
  • The episodes involving "El Festival de la Buena Vecindad", especially the cultural acts from the kids:
    • The Poem/Story of "El Perro arrepentido" ("The Regretful Dog") by El Chavo. Complete with overly dramatic gestures. This is also the only poem the kid knows, so it appears every time.
    • The Last-Second Word Swap of Chilindrina when she gets stuck in her song.
      "Soy virgencita / riego las flores / y lo que sigue / me se olvidó..." ("I'm a little virgin / I water the flowers / and what it follows / I just forgot")
    • The "Sapito" (Lil' Froggy) song that Quico sings. The song is a cutesy frog-themed counting song (in the style of the "100 bottles of beer in the wall" travel song), setting a Overly Long Gag that only ends when someone intervenes around the sixth or seventh frog, leading to the answer:
      Quico: But if there is still about 100 froggies left! :(
    • Quico trying to recite the poem "Madre Querida" ("Dearest Mother"). We say trying because El Chavo is The Heckler to his performance, constatly interrupting the very corny poem with hilarious parodic rhymes.
  • One memorable episode had Don Ramon teaching Chavo how to be a professional boxer. After a long sequence of trying to teach him how to assume a Boxer Guard Stance, he asks Chavo to throw him a punch, only for Chavo to immediately deck him square across the jaw, causing him to recoil back in pain. He admonishes Chavo, telling him to wait until he is in Guard Stance too. On the second attempt, once he's also in his boxer stance he asks Chavo to hit him. Chavo asks "how" to which Don Ramon replies "in any way you want". Cue Chavo delivering a powerful kick, right to his butt. After Don Ramon scolds him that in Boxing you're supposed to hit with your fists, Chavo immediately decks him square across the jaw once again. After Don Ramon for the second time tells him to wait until he's in his boxing stance too, and does so, he asks Chavo a third time to throw him a punch. Chavo does so, and Don Ramon expertly blocks it, and relaxes to try to explain Chavo how to block a punch. Only for Chavo to deck him square across the jaw once more. The icing on the cake is the short conversation that follows:
    El Chavo: I learned, right?
    Don Ramon: So did I.
  • Right before the Beach Episode, Chavo is sad that everyone went to Acapulco without him, standing alone in the vecindad, sad music worthy of a 40's Disney film starts playing, Chavo throws his cup-and-ball in frustration... hitting Mr. Barriga.
  • One scene has Chavo in Quico's house, intending to steal some snacks at night. When Quico leaves the room through the left side of the screen, Chavo stands up and slowy walks towards the dinner table to the right. The moment he reaches the snacks, the camera suddenly reveals Quico was sitting by the table all along, wearing a glorious Death Glare. Chavo's reaction? Act like he's sleepwalking and take the snacks away anyway.
  • All the times that Quico's uknowningly agrees to every thing said about his lack of intelligence.
    Quico: *mocking El Chavo* You're so dumb because you arrived late to the brains repartition.
    El Chavo: So? What 'bout you?
    Quico: Ha! Like I ever went!
  • The Big "NO!" courtesy of Profesor Jirafales.
    • And the other one courtesy of Don Ramón.
  • How Quico punily first explained the circumstances behind his Disappeared Dad.
    Quico: ...and to my dad, who Rest In Fish.
    Professor Girafales: Don't you mean to say "Rest in Peace"?
    Quico: No, it's in fish, because a shark ate him.
    • The pun is in its original language. Still funny.note 
  • Don Ramón once gave a Seinfeldian Conversation before pinching Quico.
    Don Ramón: If I pinch you, you are gonna call your mom.
    Quico: (totally adamant) Of course yes.
    Don Ramón: And if she comes. She is going to slap me in the face.
    Quico: Of course yes.
    Don Ramón: And that slap is going to produce me, Pain!
    Quico: Of course yes.
    Don Ramón: But, the pain of the slap won't help you recover from the pain of the pinch. Right?
    Quico: (totally worried) Of course not.
    Don Ramón: Worth It
  • In an episode, Ñoño, Quico, Chilindrina and Chavo are telling each other riddles and jokes. Ñoño told one of the first ones to Quico:
    Ñoño: Hey Quico, do you know who is the son of my father and mother, but is not my brother?
    Quico: (thinks for a bit) No, who it is?
    Ñoño: Why, it's me!
    • Which Quico then proceeded to tell Chavo:
      Quico: Hey Chavo, do you know who is the son of my father and mother, but is not my brother?
      Chavo: (thinks a bit) I don't know, who it is?
      Quico: Why it's Ñoño! Hahahahaha... *beat* He tells it better.
      Chavo: So your mother is married to Mr. Barriga?
      Quico: *beat*
    • And then later to Chilindrina:
      Quico: (to the others) Haha, I'm gonna get her! (to Chilindrina) Hey Chilindrina, do you know who is the son of my father and—
      Chilindrina: You!
      Quico: *beat* Well, stay quiet and let me finish the whole riddle, okay? Now, who is the son of my father and mother, but—
      Chilindrina: You!
      Quico: *beat* Wait until I've finished THE WHOLE RIDDLE!!!!
      Chilindrina: Fine...
      Quico: Okay, who is the son of my father and mother but is not my brother?
      Chilindrina: (inflexible) You.
      Quico: (breaking the 4th wall) Now how can we put up with these women?
  • "La Fuente de los Deseos" delivers this genious piece:
    Quico: I wish that all bulldozers in the world run over la Chilindrina!!!
    Chilindrina: That won't happen! Because these wishes, the bad ones, never come true!
    Quico: Oh, really? I wish that someone makes Chilindrina cry!! (Quico starts pulling her hair)
    Chilindrina: Owww!!! You'll see! I'm gonna tell my father that you've pulled my hair, and that you've kicked me, and that you've hit me with a slingshot, and that you've hit me with a handgun, and that you've hit me with a rifle, and that you've hit me with a machine gun, and that you've hit me with a cannonball, and aside from that, YOU'VE TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!
    Quico:: (Looks at the camera) ...I'm really evil.
  • When La Chilindrina first came back, her absence was explained in universe as that she was spending her holidays with some aunts in Guanajuato. Why is she back in the Vecindad, then?
    Chilindrina: Because my aunts didn't let me do anything! [...] If I wanted to play Jacks with the new tableware, it was "No!"... If I wanted to camp in the garden and use the salon rug as the tent, "No!"... If I wanted to lit up the TV with a match, "No!". Let me tell you that they didn't let me to make a domino game with the piano's keys... and with all the effort it took me to rip off all the keys from the piano...
  • The very first scene of the 1977 version of "Jugando a la casita". El Chavo tells Quico he's going to buy a lollipop, and when Quico asks him how he got the money to buy one...
    El Chavo: What would you do if you found a peso you yourself lost?
    El Chavo: Don't be an idiot. I'm talking about if you found a peso that you yourself lost.
    Quico: ... Well, I'd buy a lollipop.
    El Chavo: That's what I'm going to do. I found a peso that you yourself lost.
  • The ending of the "tronadores" note  episode. El Chavo had hidden the bag of tronadores Chilindrina had stolen from her dad underneath his cap when he comes asking for them back. At the end, when Don Ramón is finally fed up, he goes off to hit El Chavo in the head for it. The funniest part is that the tronadores don't explode all at once, but one at the time, and they cause El Chavo to walk around shaking like a wind-up doll.
  • The Flying Saucer episode. Don Ramón has Chavo warn him about Mr. Barriga's arrival in the Vecindad with a "The Flying Saucer has arrived!" code word. At the same time, Quico is waiting for his mother to give him a toy flying saucer. Chaos follows. And of course, when Don Ramón finally gets sick of not knowing whether the flying saucer is there or gone, Mr. Barriga is standing right outside his window.
  • The third episode of the "Don Ramón ropavejero" arc involves an scene where El Chavo and Quico play bowling with Don Ramón's bowling ball, as well as two bottles as pines. Quico manages to distract El Chavo during his turn, goes next to the bottles, throws the ball... and misses. The fact the actors that did not appear in the scene burst out laughing makes it even more hilarious.
    Quico: Notice I only missed two!
  • The 1979 version of the "La clase de historia" episode features this gem when the topic was the history of Mexico:
    Prof. Jirafales: Let's see, Chilindrina... who destroyed Tenochtitlan?
    Chilindrina: (Feeling she's being accused) It was not me...
    Prof. Jirafales: What?
    Chilindrina: (Bursting into tears) I swear it was not me, professor. I wasn't even there when it was destroyed! (Starts crying)
    Prof. Jirafales: But I only asked you who destroyed Tenochtitlan!
    (El Chavo raises his hand)
    Prof. Jirafales: Let's see, Chavo...
    Chavo: (Stands up) Professor, I know La Chilindrina very well and if she says she didn't destroy it it's because it was not her.
    Chilindrina: (Still crying) Thank you, Chavo... (Stands up, kisses El Chavo and both hug each other)
  • Godínez's answers to what he's asked about in the classroom. An example:
    Prof. Jirafales: Godínez, how many parts is the human skull divided in?
    Godínez: Depends on how much you clubbed it.
    • Similarly, another time when Godínez finally gets an answer right ("Which are the five continents?") and claiming he memorized it. This left Profesor Jirafeles amazed... until he starts answering almost every question with "Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania!".
  • The show even had a few bloopers that made it into the episodes, yet still managed to make the scenes funnier:
    • After getting the usual slap from Doña Florinda, Don Ramón accidentally throws his hat into the house right when Quico closes the door. He quickly knocks so they open it for him to retrieve it, and Quico plays along chasing him out after he does.
    • In the "Don Ramón ropavejero" arc, Doña Florinda finally snaps and decides that she's gonna confiscate Don Ramón's sack. In this scene obviously she was supposed to hit Quico with the sack after lifting it up, but she lifted it too high, and accidentally knocked Quico's hat off his head. You have to see his face afterwards.
    • In general, there are plenty of scenes where the cast either hide or lower their faces because they themselves can't help but laugh.