The stories we could tell...

* First of all, many jokes are [[RunningGag repeated]] countless times through the series and yet they're funny ''every single time''.
* The "Posada" episode: Mr. Barriga is sweeping the patio's floor, unaware that El Chavo is nearby, swinging a little piñata around in expanding circles, [[WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong approaching inch by inch to unsuspecting Mr. Barriga's head]]... and then [[spoiler: [[BaitAndSwitch suddenly striking Quico, who was behind of El Chavo, off-screen]].]]
* Quico and Ñoño ask Don Ramon about El Chavo.
--> '''Don Ramon:''' He was here a minute ago... looking for a fat guy and an idiot.\\
'''Quico:''' He was looking for us!!!
* Quico and El Chavo are giving a bath to the latter's new dog (Which is named "Little Ramon"). So, when Quico turns, El Chavo accidentally brushes soap into the boy's shorts. Cue to his response:
--> '''Quico:''' Chavo... I think I made a mistake.
* The episodes involving "El Festival de la Buena Vecindad", especially the cultural acts from the kids:
** The Poem/Story of "[[OverlyLongGag El perro arrepentido]]" ("The Regretful Dog") by El Chavo. Complete with overly dramatic gestures. This is also the only poem the kid knows, so it appears ''every'' time.
** The LastSecondWordSwap of Chilindrina when she gets stuck in her song.
---> "''Soy virgencita / riego las flores / y lo que sigue / me se olvidó...''" ("I'm a little virgin / I water the flowers / and what it follows / I just forgot")
** The "Sapito" (Lil' Froggy) song that Quico sings. The song is a cutesy frog-themed counting song (in the style of the "100 bottles of beer in the wall" travel song), setting a OverlyLongGag that only ends when someone intervenes around the sixth or seventh frog, leading to the answer:
---> '''Quico:''' But if there is still about 100 froggies left!
** Quico trying to recite the poem "Madre Querida" ("Dearest Mother"). We say trying because El Chavo is TheHeckler to his performance, constatly interrupting the very corny poem with hilarious parodic rhymes.
** Since the Brazilian dub runs on {{Woolseyism}}, we get hilarious exchanges like this: when El Chavo throws a shoe over the village, and once La Chilindrina comes looking, this happens:
---> '''La Chilindrina:''' Listen, dad. Didn't you see a shoe flying around here?\\
'''Don Ramón:''' Look, I don't even have time to- ({{Beat}}) ''What'' was flying around?\\
'''La Chilindrina:''' A shoe.\\
'''Don Ramón:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh sure, how could I not]]? Is it the one from ''Shoes Airlines?''
* One memorable episode had Don Ramon teaching Chavo how to be a professional boxer. After a long sequence of trying to teach him how to assume a Boxer Guard Stance, he asks Chavo to throw him a punch, only for Chavo to immediately deck him square across the jaw, causing him to recoil back in pain. He admonishes Chavo, telling him to wait until ''he'' is in Guard Stance too. On the second attempt, once he's also in his boxer stance he asks Chavo to hit him. Chavo asks "how" to which Don Ramon replies "in any way you want". Cue Chavo delivering a powerful kick, right to his butt. After Don Ramon scolds him that in Boxing you're supposed to hit with your fists, Chavo immediately [[RunningGag decks him square across the jaw once again.]] After Don Ramon for the second time tells him to wait until he's in his boxing stance too, and does so, he asks Chavo a third time to throw him a punch. Chavo does so, and Don Ramon expertly blocks it, and relaxes to try to explain Chavo how to block a punch. [[RuleOfThree Only for Chavo to deck him square across the jaw once more.]] The icing on the cake is the short conversation that follows:
-->'''El Chavo:''' I learned, right?\\
'''Don Ramon:''' So did I.
** Speaking of Don Ramón boxing, there's [[ this scene]]. Never the ''Film/{{Rocky}}'' theme was ever played so hilariously.
* Right before the BeachEpisode, Chavo is sad that everyone went to Acapulco without him, standing alone in the vecindad, sad music worthy of a 40's Disney film starts playing, all seemingly setting up a TearJerker until Chavo throws his cup-and-ball in frustration... [[RecordNeedleScratch hitting Mr. Barriga.]]
* One scene has Chavo in Quico's house, intending to steal some snacks at night. When Quico leaves the room through the left side of the screen, Chavo stands up and slowy walks towards the dinner table to the right. The moment he reaches the snacks, the camera [[BehindTheBlack suddenly reveals]] Quico was [[OffscreenTeleportation sitting by the table all along]], wearing a ''glorious'' DeathGlare. Chavo's reaction? ''[[RefugeInAudacity Act like he's sleepwalking and take the snacks away anyway]].''
* All the times that Quico's uknowningly agrees to every thing said about his lack of intelligence.
-->'''Quico:''' You're so dumb because you arrived late to the brains repartition.\\
'''El Chavo:''' So? What 'bout you?\\
'''Quico:''' Ha! Like I ever went! ''[cue Delayed Reaction]''
* Quico's [[LargeHam hammy reactions]] and exagerated gestures. Also, when he starts explaining something, [[SuddenlyShouting gradually raising his voice, and shouts the last words at the top of his lungs]].
** The running gag where he accidentally answers shouting (mostly at Professor Girafales) just because he's irritated.
-->''(Quico has just finished shouting at someone else)''
-->'''Professor Girafales:''' ''(Calmly)'' Quico...
-->'''Quico:''' '''WHAT?!''' [[note]] (In Spanish, "QUÉ COSA?!", "What thing?!", making it more rude) [[/note]] ''([[OhCrap Embarrassed]])'' I mean, what can I do for you, dear teacher?
*** There was one time when Girafales was so angry that he didn't mind about Quico screaming at him and just went along:
-->''(After the kids kept mocking the professor and making dumb questions)''
-->'''Professor Girafales:''' Did you want information or were just looking for excuses to make fun of me?
-->'''Chavo:''' [[CatchPhrase Okay, but just don't get mad]].
-->'''Professor Girafales:''' I '''do''' get mad! ''(Turns to Quico)'' Quico!
-->'''Quico:''' WHAT!
-->'''Professor Girafales:''' IS YOUR MOTHER HOME?!
-->'''Professor Girafales:''' [[CaptainObvious I'M CALLING]]!
-->'''Quico:''' YES, SHE IS!
-->'''Professor Girafales:''' THANK YOU!
-->'''Quico:''' YOU'RE WELCOME!
-->''(Girafales walks to Quico's house, gets in without even knocking, and slams the door shut)''
*** Bonus points for Girafales being so mad that he [[SubvertedTrope didn't answer sarcastically to]] [[AskAStupidQuestion "Who should I say is calling?"]] as he usually does.
* One episode ended with Doña Florinda fainting when she saw a dead lizard. Just when the kids assume that she's "dead"; Profesor Jirafales walks in. Cue Profesor Jirafales giving a BigNo similar to the one Franchise/{{Superman}} gave in ''Film/SupermanTheMovie'' after discovering Lois Lane dead, complete with Jirafales doing Supes' UpUpAndAway pose and the Superman theme playing. (Sadly, Jirafales doesn't fly away to reverse time.)
* How Quico {{pun}}ily first explained the circumstances behind his DisappearedDad.
-->'''Quico:''' ...and to my dad, who Rest In Fish.\\
'''Professor Girafales:''' Don't you mean to say "Rest in Peace"?\\
'''Quico:''' No, it's in fish, because a shark ate him.
** The pun is in its original language. Still funny.[[note]]"Rest in Peace" in Spanish is "Descanse En Paz", where "Paz" means "peace". "Pez" is "fish" in Spanish, so Quico said "Descanse En Pez".[[/note]]
* Don Ramón once gave a SeinfeldianConversation before pinching Quico.
-->'''Don Ramón:''' If I pinch you, you are gonna call your mom.
-->'''Quico:''' ''(totally adamant)'' Of course yes.
-->'''Don Ramón:''' And if she comes. She is going to slap me in the face.
-->'''Quico:''' Of course yes.
-->'''Don Ramón:''' And that slap [[SophisticatedAsHell is going to produce me]] pain!
-->'''Quico:''' Of course yes.
-->'''Don Ramón:''' But, the pain of the slap won't help you recover from the pain of the pinch. Right?
-->'''Quico:''' ''(totally worried)'' Of course not.
-->'''Don Ramón:''' WorthIt. ''(pinches Quico anyway)''
* In an episode, Ñoño, Quico, Chilindrina and Chavo are telling each other riddles and jokes.
** First, Ñoño told one of the first ones to Quico:
--->'''Ñoño:''' Hey Quico, do you know who is the son of my father and mother, but is not my brother?
--->'''Quico:''' ''(thinks for a bit)'' No, who it is?
--->'''Ñoño:''' Why, it's me!
** Which Quico then proceeded to tell Chavo:
--->'''Quico:''' Hey Chavo, do you know who is the son of my father and mother, but is not my brother?
--->'''Chavo:''' ''(thinks a bit)'' I don't know, who it is?
--->'''Quico:''' Why it's Ñoño! Hahahahaha... ''({{beat}})'' He tells it better.
--->'''Chavo:''' So your mother is married to Mr. Barriga?
--->'''Quico:''' ''({{beat}})''
** And then later to Chilindrina:
--->'''Quico:''' ''(to the others)'' Haha, I'm gonna get her! ''(to Chilindrina)'' Hey Chilindrina, do you know who is the son of my father and--
--->'''Chilindrina:''' You!
--->'''Quico:''' ''({{beat}})'' Well, stay quiet and let me finish the whole riddle, okay? Now, who is the son of my father and mother, but--
--->'''Chilindrina:''' You!
--->'''Quico:''' ''({{beat}})'' Wait until I've finished '''''THE WHOLE RIDDLE!!!!'''''
--->'''Chilindrina:''' Fine...
--->'''Quico:''' Okay, who is the son of my father and mother but is not my brother?
--->'''Chilindrina:''' ''(inflexible)'' You.
--->'''Quico:''' ''([[BreakingTheFourthWall looks at the camera]])'' Now how can we put up with these women?
* "La Fuente de los Deseos" delivers this genious piece:
-->'''Quico:''' ''I wish that all bulldozers in the world would run over la Chilindrina!!!''
-->'''Chilindrina:''' That won't happen! Because these wishes, the bad ones, never come true!
-->'''Quico:''' Oh, really? ''I wish that someone would make la Chilindrina cry!! (Quico starts pulling her hair)''
-->'''Chilindrina:''' Owww!!! ''(starts crying)'' You'll see! I'm gonna tell my father that you've pulled my hair, and that you've kicked me, and that you've shot me with a slingshot, [[BlatantLies and that you've shot me with a handgun, and that you've shot me with a sniper rifle, and that you've shot me with a machine gun, and that you've shot me with a cannonball, and aside from that,]] ''[[BlatantLies YOU'VE TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!]]''
-->'''Quico:''': ''([[BreakingTheFourthWall looks at the camera]])'' ...I'm really evil.
* When La Chilindrina [[TheBusCameBack first came back]], her absence was explained in universe as that she was spending her holidays with some aunts in Guanajuato. Why is she back in the Vecindad, then?
-->'''Chilindrina:''' Because my aunts didn't let me do anything! [...] If I wanted to play Jacks with the new tableware, it was "No!"... If I wanted to camp in the garden and use the salon rug as the tent, "No!"... If I wanted to lit up the TV with a match, "No!". Let me tell you that they didn't let me to make a domino game with the piano's keys... and with all the effort it took me to rip off all the keys from the piano...
* The very first scene of the 1977 version of "Jugando a la casita". El Chavo tells Quico he's going to buy a lollipop, and when Quico asks him how he got the money to buy one...
-->'''El Chavo''': What would you do if you found a peso you yourself lost?
-->'''Quico''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Return it to its owner]].
-->'''El Chavo''': Don't be an idiot. I'm talking about if you found a peso that you yourself lost.
-->'''Quico''': ... Well, I'd buy a lollipop.
-->'''El Chavo''': That's what I'm going to do. I found [[ExactWords a peso that you yourself lost]].
* The ending of the "tronadores" [[note]] a prank item that when thrown or hit hard explodes making a loud BOOM noise [[/note]] episode. El Chavo had hidden the bag of tronadores Chilindrina had stolen from her dad underneath his cap when he comes asking for them back. At the end, when Don Ramón is finally fed up, he goes off to hit El Chavo in the head for it. The funniest part is that the tronadores don't explode all at once, but one at the time, and they cause El Chavo to walk around shaking like a wind-up doll.
* The Flying Saucer episode. Don Ramón has Chavo warn him about Mr. Barriga's arrival in the Vecindad with a "The Flying Saucer has arrived!" code word. At the same time, Quico is waiting for his mother to give him a toy flying saucer. [[HilarityEnsues Chaos follows.]] And of course, when Don Ramón finally gets sick of not knowing whether the flying saucer is there or gone, Mr. Barriga is standing right outside his window.
* The third episode of the "Don Ramón ropavejero" arc involves an scene where El Chavo and Quico play bowling with Don Ramón's bowling ball, as well as two bottles as pines. Quico manages to distract El Chavo during his turn, goes next to the bottles, throws the ball... [[EpicFail and misses]]. The fact the actors that did not appear in the scene burst out laughing makes it even more hilarious.
-->'''Quico''': Notice I only missed two!
* In the episode "El Foco" from the 1975 season:
** Quico steals El Chavo's comics, who then gets angry and chases after him [[DisproportionateRetribution with a brick in hand]]. When Chavo spots Quico, he throws the brick, but since El Chavo is well known to have a bad aim, the bricks hits the lamp bulb on the entrance door of the venidad, shattering it. But the brick hits something else too...
--->'''Quico''': See what you did!?
--->'''Chavo''': It's just a lamp bulb!
--->'''Quico''': I'm not talking about the lamp bulb!
--->'''Chavo:''' Then what?
--->'''Quico:''' Take a look!
--->''(Don Ramón lies knocked out in the floor with the brick completely shattered over his body)''
--->'''Chavo:''' [[OhCrap Oh my!]]
** Later, Don Ramón is trying to change the lamp bulb again. Chavo is playing with a baseball, which has a similar size in comparison with the lamp bulb. The result is predictable.
--->''(Chavo starts to play with his ball and Quico arrives in the scene)''
--->'''Quico:''' Just so you know, I have a bigger ball than yours!
--->'''Chavo:''' I don't care!
--->'''Quico:''' Don't care? I'm going to show to you, you'll see!
--->'''Chavo:''' I don't want to see it!
--->'''Don Ramón:''' Chavo. Give me the lamp bulb.
--->''(Chavo was about to give the lamp to Don Ramón but turns back to reply to Quico)''
--->'''Chavo:''': My ball bounces more than yours!
--->'''Don Ramón:''' ''(starting to get angry)'' Chavo! Give me the lamp bulb!
--->''(Chavo was about to give the lamp to Don Ramón but turns back to reply to Quico again)''
--->'''Chavo:''' ...and you don't know how to play! You don't know nothing! You are dumb!
--->'''Don Ramón:''' ''(already angry)'' CHAVO! Give me the lamp bulb!
--->'''Quico:''' ''(comes out holding his big ball)'' What did you say?
--->''(Chavo was about to give the lamp to Don Ramón but turns back to reply to Quico, for the third time)''
--->'''Chavo:''': You don't know how to play you dumb!
--->'''Don Ramón:''' ''(very angry)'' CHAAAVO! If you don't give me the lamp bulb I'll get off the barrel and punch your head off!
--->'''El Chavo:''' ''(worried)'' No, no, here it is ''(accidentally gives the baseball to Don Ramón)''.
--->'''Don Ramón:''' ''(starts to screw until he notices Chavo gave him the ball instead of the lamp bulb)''.
--->'''El Chavo:''' ''(holding the lamp bulb)'' My ball is a lot better and bounces a lot more than yours!
--->'''Don Ramón:''' Careful, Chavo, don't go breaking the lamp-
--->''(El Chavo throws the lamp bulb in the floor, shattering it)''
--->'''El Chavo:''' ''(worried'') Oh my.
** The scene right after, Don Ramón finally gets to replace the bulb without a hitch, gets off the barrel and says this to El Chavo:
--->'''Don Ramón''': [[SarcasmMode Now try and break it again with the broomstick.]] ''(starts walking away)''
--->'''El Chavo:''': [[SarcasmBlind Let's see if I can.]]
--->'''Don Ramón:''': ''(suddenly stops and looks at the camera)'' [[OhCrap What did he say?!]] ''(El Chavo breaks the bulb off-screen)''
--->'''El Chavo''': ''(cheerfully)'' Yes, I could!
** At the end of the episode, Don Ramón has finally put the light bulb in place and sits on top of the upturned barrel he's been using to try and screw it all along. Then La Chilindrina asks him how is he going to stop el Chavo from breaking it again.
--->'''Don Ramon:''' You tell her how, Chavo!
--->'''El Chavo:''' ([[spoiler:From inside the barrel]]) They don't have patience with me!
* The 1979 version of the "La clase de historia" episode features this gem when the topic was the history of Mexico:
-->'''Prof. Jirafales''': Let's see, Chilindrina... who destroyed Tenochtitlan?
-->'''Chilindrina''': ''(Feeling she's being accused)'' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint It was not me...]]
-->'''Prof. Jirafales''': [[BigWhat What?]]
-->'''Chilindrina''': ''(Bursting into tears)'' I swear it was not me, professor. I wasn't even there when it was destroyed! ''(Starts crying)''
-->'''Prof. Jirafales''': But I only asked you who destroyed Tenochtitlan!
-->''(El Chavo raises his hand)''
-->'''Prof. Jirafales''': Let's see, Chavo...
-->'''Chavo''': ''(Stands up)'' Professor, I know La Chilindrina very well and if she says she didn't destroy it it's because it was not her.
-->'''Chilindrina''': ''(Still crying)'' Thank you, Chavo... ''(Stands up, kisses El Chavo and both hug each other)''
* Godínez's [[InsaneTrollLogic answers]] to what he's asked about in the classroom. An example:
-->'''Prof. Jirafales''': Godínez, how many parts is the human skull divided in?
-->'''Godínez''': Depends on how much you clubbed it.
** Similarly, another time when Godínez finally gets an answer right ("Which are the five continents?") and claiming he memorized it. This left Profesor Jirafeles amazed... [[YourAnswerToEverything until he starts answering almost every question]] with "Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania!".
* The show even had a few bloopers that made it into the episodes, yet still managed to make the scenes funnier:
** After getting the usual slap from Doña Florinda, Don Ramón accidentally throws his hat into the house right when Quico closes the door. He quickly knocks so they open it for him to retrieve it, and Quico plays along chasing him out after he does.
** In the "Don Ramón ropavejero" arc, Doña Florinda finally snaps and decides that she's gonna confiscate Don Ramón's sack. In this scene obviously she was supposed to hit Quico with the sack after lifting it up, but she lifted it too high, and accidentally knocked Quico's hat off his head. You have to see his face afterwards.
** In general, there are plenty of scenes where the cast either hide or lower their faces because they themselves can't help but laugh.
* [[CourtroomEpisode "El Juicio al Chavo"]] can basically count as how everything can go wrong in courtroom proceedings, ranging from Don Ramón trying but not knowing how to use ThePerryMasonMethod or failing to win the "case" through lies because El Chavo never got the idea, to Doña Florinda failing to paint El Chavo running over Quico's cat as an intentional murder (because she did not word her questions well). Then there's the ending, where El Chavo explains what really happened:
-->'''El Chavo''': I was going on the bicycle when I was suddenly distracted because there was a very beautiful woman in the streets. ''(El Profesor Jirafales, who was [[TheJudge the "judge"]], [[{{Foreshadowing}} tries to stare somewhere else]])''
-->'''Don Ramón''': Hold it, Chavo. It's alright that we men get distracted by beautiful ladies... but a kid?\\
'''El Chavo''': No! I wasn't distracted due to the beautiful woman. I was distracted because of [[DistractedByTheSexy a man that was stuck like an idiot in the middle of the road staring at the beautiful lady]]. So I ran over the cat to dodge [[DistractedByTheSexy the man that was stuck like an idiot in the middle of the road staring at the beautiful lady]].
-->''(El Chavo approaches El Profesor Jirafales)''\\
'''El Chavo''': Should I tell them who that man was?\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': [[DistractedByTheSexy No, there's no need for that]].\\
'''El Chavo''': Don't you want me...\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': I declare El Chavo not guilty and the court is adjourned!
** This otherwise-already-funny episode goes UpToEleven [[ if one crosses it over with]] ''VisualNovel/AceAttorney''
** This exchange dserves a mention:
-->'''Don Ramón''': Yes, it is true that El Chavo ran over the cat, but did it out of fear. Chilindrina, what did the cat do to Chavo before he ran it over?\\
'''La Chilindrina''': It bit him.\\
'''Don Ramón''': And what did it do ten minutes later?\\
'''La Chilindrina''': It bit him again.\\
'''Don Ramón''': And five minutes later?\\
'''La Chilindrina''': It bit him again.\\
'''Don Ramón''': How do you call this?\\
'''La Chilindrina''': ''Re-biting!''[[note]] This is another case of a spanish pun, since "biting" is said "morder", Chilindrina called it "re-mordimiento". Remordimiento means "remorse".[[/note]]
** During the previous episode, we get the following exchange after TheReveal that El Chavo had run over Quico's cat:
-->'''*Everyone starts yelling and arguing*'''\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': ''Silence!'' If we keep arguing like this, we'll stay here until it gets dark!\\
'''La Chilindrina''': (eloquently) No, rather: ''from discussion, light is born!''\\
'''Doña Florinda''': You were saying, Professor...?\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': I was thinking-\\
'''La Chilindrina''': [[DeadpanSnarker What a miracle!]]\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': [[{{Catchphrase}} Tá-tá-tá-tá-tá!]] Is this the kind of education they teach you at home?!\\
'''La Chilindrina''': [[InsultBackfire No, this one, I learned at school]].\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': Oh, thank goodn- [[DelayedReaction What?!]]\\
'''Don Ramón''': (after spending the whole exchange laughing in the background) Chilindrina, please! What kind of respect is this with Professor Jirafales? Take in mind that no matter what, he's your teacher!\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': Hold on, hold on, listen! What do you mean when you say "no matter what"?\\
'''Don Ramón''': That you continue from where you've been interrupted. You were thinking...\\
'''Prof. Jirafales''': (dumbfounded) I was? When?\\
'''Don Ramón''': ({{beat}}) You said that.
* In the 4th part of "Las Nuevas Vecinas," Gloria tries defending El Chavo from Don Ramón's accusation that he's responsible for everything bad that happens by telling on La Chilindrina. La Chilindrina then retaliates with this:
-->'''La Chilindrina''': Nosey old hag!\\
'''Don Ramón''': (In a challenging tone) ''Repeat that!''\\
'''La Chilindrina''': Nosey old hag! ''({{beat}})'' I wasn't gonna repeat it, but [[ExactWords he told me to]].
* In one episode, Chilindrina calls Don Ramon "Measles" after he hit El Chavo, because "Measles only hit little kids!". Later, when Doña Florinda hits Don Ramón, she calls her "Rehumatism". "Because rheumatism only hits the elderly!"
* Every time [[TheDitz Quico]] accidentally acknowledges his own idiocy. Some notable examples are:
** In "El alumno más inteligente", after Quico mocks Ñoño for being fat...
---> '''Ñoño:''' And I don't answer back because I don't like arguing with an idiot.\\
'''Quico:''' The one that is arguing with an idiot '''IS YOU'''! ''(proudly looks away [[DelayedReaction until he realizes what he said]])
** Twice in the second part of "Pintando la vecindad", during an exchange between La Chilindrina and Profesor Jirafales. In both cases, [[DelayedReaction he eventually realizes about what he said]]:
---> '''La Chilindrina:''' El Chavo is so infuriating! He's capable of making the most stupid kid in the world get angry!\\
'''Quico:''' ''(who was cleaning the front door of his home)'' Yeah, me.\\
'''Profesor Jirafales:''' There are no stupid kids, Chilindrina. There are people who are more intelligent and there are people who are less intelligent.\\
'''La Chilindrina:''' [[DeadpanSnarker And where do you place Quico?]]\\
'''Quico:''' Yeah, Professor! Where do you place me?
** In "La casa de la bruja", La Chilindrina asks El Chavo and Quico to help her deliver a newspaper to Doña Clotilde, but they are scared about what they may find out:
---> '''La Chilindrina:''' We need to think a plan.\\
'''Quico:''' ''(worried)'' Me too?\\
'''La Chilindrina:''' No, Quico. I cannot ask you for impossibles.\\
'''Quico:''' ''(relieved)'' Ah, thank goodness.
* In the second half of "Los cuentos de terror", El Chavo and La Chilindrina use a bed sheet and a mask to pretend to be a ghost and a monster and scare everyone in the vecindad. This has several gems:
** Doña Clotilde being the only one that realizes who the "ghost" actually is, and even plays TheComicallySerious by stealing the bed sheet from El Chavo (as he had his eyes closed) to scare him.
** Doña Florinda faints upon seeing El Chavo as the ghost. Later, once she starts to regain conciousness, La Chilindrina arrives with her monster mask on and Doña Florinda faints ''again''.
** When La Chilindrina arrives with her mask on, El Chavo gets the garrotera. Later, when La Chilindrina explains that she is using a mask, El Chavo asks her to take it off. While El Chavo looks for his bed sheet, La Chilindrina takes the mask off, but then El Chavo says she is still wearing it.
** At the end, El Chavo and La Chilindrina have the bed sheet and the mask taken away, but El Chavo found something scarier - a photo of Doña Florinda. He then shows it to Quico, La Chilindrina and himself, and they all faint.
* From the barber episode (1976), El Chavo cuts off La Chilindrina's hair and she starts wailing as usual. What sells it is that she starts picking hair off the ground and then she says "My hair, my pretty- ''Oh crud, this one ain't mine!''" in a complete normal tone, ''then'' she resumes wailing.
* During an episode from '97, La Chilindrina switches two letters: one was meant to be a romantic poem for Doña Florinda written by Professor Jirafales, and the other was meant to be a meat order from Don Ramón. Doña Florinda reads the meat order as Professor Jirafales comments that's how he imagines her, and Chavo reads the romantic poem all wrong.
--> '''El Chavo:''' I present you this pistol in order to make you stupid the hill sons behind my three pest grails. For prince of fairytales, I shall maim thee brute, gonions arlic, and in your cow, fire teeths. That's why, I warm you in this leather that you keep the wine that I manly do love too.[[note]]I present you this epistle (formal letter) in order to make you too see the reasons behind my deepest wails. First thing I must detail, I shall pay tribute (to your beauty), glorious eyelids, and in your mouth, fiery lips. That's why, I warn you in this letter that you keep in mind that I really do love you.[[/note]]
* At the end one of the school episodes, Professor Jirafales tells the kids to pick up their books, an proceeds to give this speech:
--> "As long as you hold a book in your hands, you'll be good people. Never let go of the books. As long as you hold a book in your hands, you'll be great, hard-working people. In other words, as long as you hold a book in your hands, you'll be like me. ''[Cue everyone dropping the books]''
* This exchange happens in a few episodes after Doña Clotilde is called a witch by Quico in Doña Florinda's presence:
--> '''Doña Florinda:''' Treasure, how many times have I told you to not judge people based on their physical aspects?\\
'''Doña Clotilde:''' [[BigWhat What?!]] If I look like a witch to you, then I'll let you know you look like a roundworm with anemia to me!
** Later on, Doña Florinda knocks on her door and calls her a witch to her face in retaliation. Doña Clotilde then goes back inside her house, but El Chavo arrives a couple of seconds later, and when he knocks at her door, she responds with this:
---> '''Doña Clotilde:''' YOU ROUNDWORM WITH ANEMIA!\\
'''El Chavo:''' Witch! ({{beat}}) You're the one who started!
* Quico [[LampshadeHanging complaining]] at the RunningGag of El Profesor Jirafales giving Doña Florinda a bouquet of flowers, and the latter offering a cup of coffee.
** Speaking of said RunningGag there was once a memorable scene where Don Ramón mimicked, in the most mocking way possible, the entire scene where Profesor Jirafales meets Doña Florinda. The two are so lovestruck they didn't even notice Don Ramón making fun of them.
* This exchange shows up in quite a few episodes, right after La Chilindrina stops El Chavo from punching Quico:
--> '''La Chilindrina:''' Chavo, don't! Don't try to hit Quico with your fists! ''(picks up a brick from the ground)'' [[BaitAndSwitch Use the brick instead, it's better!]]