Funny / Detective Conan
"Conan, no". "Conan, yes." "Conan, pls."

  • Almost any time that Kogoro acts like a complete fool.
  • Any time Conan is in an "awkward" moment with Ran (a.k.a. when Shinichi sees his crush naked) and his reactions go from either being super flustered to outright nosebleeds.
  • Any Kazuha and Heiji moments. They go from heartwarming to laugh out loud funny in seconds after one starts to blush.
  • Any time Heiji slips and says the name "Kudo" when others are around, and the scramble to try to cover it up. Just look here.
  • Any time Conan makes a sarcastic comment to himself.
  • Any time Sonoko tries to help Ran in her "relationship" with Shinichi and Conan starts thinking perverted thoughts.
    • Especially when Sonoko takes a photo of Ran in her new swimsuit and sends it Conan calling it her "Special Sexy Shot of Ran". Then Ayumi finds him on the phone and Conan nearly gets his cover blown. Ran asks Shinichi to delete the photo, but since he already saw it, he saved it. Then the Detective Boys found it and had Ai delete it. Conan's reaction: priceless.
  • Any time Kogoro goes into his "protective dad" mode over something trivial.
    • Like when Ran gets a call from Shinichi and Kogoro starts eavesdropping.
  • Any episode featuring Ran using karate on the culprit.
    • Double in the episode featuring Akemi Miyano posing as a highschooler, in which the suspect she chokes takes his sunglasses off... and both Conan and Kogoro laugh at him. Not So Above It All, huh?
    • Also double in the wrestler episode. While the other wrestlers were defeated by the culprit, Ran was the one to defeat him.
  • Any time Conan acts like a kid without even trying. (a.k.a Whenever Shinichi forgets he's actually a teenager) Such as when he freaked out after finding a suitcase full of women's underwear during a case.

  • In the Detective Conan Episode One special (which retells the first episodes of the series with many added events and appearances by characters that appear much later on), there's a glimpse of Ran's tournament (the same one that led to the fateful Tropical Land trip). As shown, Ran was actually doing badly in the least up until Shinichi mouths to her that he has to leave prematurely for a case (the very same first case the series starts with). Poor Ran... wasn't pleased by it, to say the least, complete with a Battle Aura of pure anger that unnerved both the judge and her opponent. In other words, Ran is implied to have basically won the tournament because she was just that damn pissed off at Shinichi.
  • Episode 18 (19 in the dub) has one of Shinichi's old teachers talk about how Conan "looks a lot like a student she once had". Which leads to this exchange:
    Sayuri: But you're much cuter [than Shinichi]. You have the most pinchable cheeks I've ever seen! (pinches Conan's cheeks)
    Shinichi: (deadpan) Don't touch the face.
  • When Kazuha and Ran mistake Furinkazan as the "strategy of love" and try to go with it, ending in disastrous results with the boys wondering what the heck just happened.
  • When Heiji confronts Conan on being Shinichi. In some dubs, he even takes time to call him out on how shitty his accent is (Or how badly he imitated his voice). In the original, he speaks using Conan's bad attempt at his accent upon 'awakening' from the tranquilizer, which gives Conan a false sense of reassurance. Made even more hilarious because Heiji only woke up from being anesthetized due to Kogoro hitting him upside the head, which causes Conan a borderline Freak Out!.
  • The North American dub can be so awkward that it's easy to snark the show to death, but for some reason "He's like a ten-point-oh on the HOTTIE scale!" comes across as hilarious rather than cheesy.
  • Hot Springs Episode. Ran makes Conan go take a bath with her. They return and Kogoro asks what were they doing. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Also, the scene featuring the Sickeningly Sweethearts Noriko and Yukio, cooing and saying cutesy things to each other while Kogoro is all "please stop".
  • Nobody in Tsukikage Island recognizes Kogoro Mouri and they even mistake him for an astronaut, making Mouri sulk in the anime.
    • In Episode 170, Dr. Araide (Sr.) tells Kogoro to be careful about his health because he has the same name as a famous detective. Kogoro breaks the news to him that they are in fact one and the same.
  • Another funny line in the North American dub:
    "What happened? I heard a woman scream?!"
    "Stop talking! Everywhere you or that kid go a corpse turns up! Come on man! Haven't you ever notice that?!"
  • In the episode "Conan Is Kidnapped", Shinichi gets kidnapped by his parents to test his detective skills. At the end of the episode, Shinichi's dad decides to push back his newest installment's release so they can go on vacation. He's suddenly swarmed by magazine editors who want Yasaku to hurry up with his book. They tell him that Shinichi called and gave them his parents' plane number. Shinichi got back at them, big time.
  • When Conan unmasks Magic Kaito in his first DC appearance. Kaitou is dressed as Ran. Wearing her red dress. And he actually tells Conan that Ran must be all cold and naked wherever he hid her. Conan's reaction is priceless.
  • In Episode 96, when Ran is this close to discovering Shinichi's secret... Yukiko shows up. Holy Mood Whiplash, Batman, it goes from a Tear Jerker to comedy gold in less than ten seconds.
  • A very good one comes from the first season. Ayumi is stuck in the trunk of a car with the head of a murdered little girl, and the people in the car are the murderers, so Conan and the Detective Boys are following them. It's all very tense until... it turns out that the "murderers" are actors, the head is a prop, and their suspicious conversation was actually their rehearsal for their upcoming show. Made even better by the Cool and Unusual Punishment they get: one of the actors is out cold so the kids have to use a huge longcoat and a wig to replace him, and Ayumi (the one who started it all) has to act as the dead little girl.
    • Her line during the last scene in the dub is also good: "I am never playing Hide and Seek again!"
  • Kazuha's introduction. Even more so when Heiji shows up, finds Kazuha harassing Ran about "this Kudo" girl and clears everything up, and then poor Kazuha looks like she wants the Earth to swallow her.
    • This becomes a Brick Joke when she sees him in person during the Desperate Revival arc, realizing he really was a man.
  • Episode 325, when Keiko Gondo comes to borrow money from her sister(the victim of the case).
    Ryoko: You are a fortuneteller! Do something about your own luck!
  • In Chapter 400, Haibara gives Ayumi permission to use her first name, which Ayumi has spent the whole case trying to do. The funny comes in when the boys ask if they can use Haibara's first name too, and she shoots them down before they can even finish the question.
  • Episode 16, where the killer starts to attack the sleeping Kogoro, who suddenly stops midway through "his" deduction. Conan's face is so funny.
    • Even more when Kogoro wakes up and starts running around like crazy, yelling for help, after seeing some blood from the sword wound on his head.
  • Conan trolling Heiji with the recording of his confession to Kazhua.
    • And after Conan deletes it from his phone, he trolls Heiji again by saying that the rest of the Detective Boys have a copy of the recording. Haibara even has it as her ringtone!
  • Episode 449 has a murder case where Takagi and Yumi act as decoys in a wedding to catch a serial murderer. It's soon revealed that the groom is the culprit. At the last minute, Satou switches places with Yumi, and confronts the crook, only for him to make a run for it. He gets away, only for Ran to subdue him. However, Satou misses this and charges forward. Takagi, who has heard the commotion, comes out to assist, only for Satou to mistake him as a crook and judo throw him down the steps of the church. A wedding photographer notices this, and snaps a shot, creating an advertisement of Satou appearing to be dragging an unconscious Takagi to the altar.
  • Episode 561, the resolution of the Red Wall Case. The main trio and the Nagano trio manage to drop the culprit's guard down with their Empty Fort Strategy. After the cops guarding the crime scene are away chasing a taxi robber, the six heroes are in disguised in undercover and pretend in front of culprit's eyes that he has witnessed several crimes to make him think that the police are really gone. You Morofushi disguised as a drunkard (and with a hilarious voice that you normally wouldn't hear from Sho Hayami) who is angry at his boss and apparently lives in his mother's house and the guy is also yelling at the random blonde kid (Conan) to leave him alone. Another drunken salaryman appears at the scene (Yamato) with his girlfriend (Uehara), the former tripping over the salaryman's leg and has his leg injured, extorting the salaryman all of his money to pay for his medical fees, which he actually wants to spend for more drinks. The salaryman leaves the street all sad and has no idea how to explain that to his mom. A foolish housewife (Ran) hangs her underwear carelessly over her balcony, and a masked man (Kogoro) climbs up to steal her panties which he puts in his left pocket and then he breaks into the victim's apartment and steals some money there.
    • As a Brick Joke, the episode ends with Ran spotting a bra hanging out of Kogoro's right pocket and she tries to retrieve it from him.
  • In Episode 625, Ran goes to a school festival and decides to go into the haunted house. The entire time she's so terrified that she carries Conan and squeezes him whenever someone jumps out.
    Conan: "How can I get lost when she's been clutching me to her chest the entire time?"
  • Episode 32: Conan realizes too late the Fridge Logic in Ran's excuse for going out: A date with Shinichi.
    • Plus this:
      Conan: "This is so stupid. Who cares who Ran dates?"
    • Finally, Conan learns that the Hello, Attorney! he's been working with in the episode's murder was Eri Kisaki, Ran's mother, whom he didn't recognize until then because it had been ten years since he last saw her. He then lets out an epic Skyward Scream of pure, unadulterated horror.
  • This scene from the dubbed version:
    Conan: Note to self: Stay away from the psycho with the dead mommy laptop.
  • During the Furinkazan Case, Conan manages to steal the spotlight by defeating Tatsue with a ball was pretty funny. Given her crimes (five murders and gambling), it was a pretty satisfying end indeed.
  • The entire last page of the Eye for an Eye case. Kazuha makes a failed attempt to confess to Heiji, who ran off in the middle of her confession to confront Conan after finding out that he confessed to Ran. Heiji's face is absolutely priceless. Kazuha's thoughts are even more hilarious though:
  • Chapter 830: Kaito KID disguises himself as Sera in his latest appearance. Conan explains how he figured out who he was, and Kaito expresses shock that Sera's a girl. Conan then says he'll look over the incident for today since KID helped him out before. "I will, at least..." Cue a Dynamic Entry by Sera.
  • Movie #12, Full Score of Fear, has this golden nugget. As Sonoko and Ran talk about an argument Shinichi and Ran had in the past, well... just see it, the entire conversation is priceless.
  • Conan getting revenge at Kid for knocking him out.
  • Conan's antics right before the start of the TWO-MIX concert, after the rescue of Minami Takayama and Shiina Nagano. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • And cue the reactions of the audience and the Death Glare from the security guards and production crew.
    • Then there's the hilarious face Conan makes before he begins with his "antics"... which is pretty much a straight-up Troll grin. So funny it's pictured above!
    • The fact that Conan calls "TWO-MIX" as "a wannabe duo that dances and sings" is pretty damn hilarious.
  • A subtle one comes in Chapter 808, when Satou takes a massive jump from a helicopter to rescue Takagi from a Death Trap.
    Takagi: "Somehow it seems as if just now Satou-san has come from the sky... her underwear in full display..."
  • In Chapter 873, while inspecting a body in a bath, Conan accidentally sees Ran half-naked and the resulting nosebleed is featured in one panel as a Gory Discretion Shot. Conan ends up being unable to talk properly for the rest of the chapter because he needs cotton balls to stop the bleeding. He claims that the nosebleed was caused by surprise over seeing the dead body, but Sonoko has her doubts.
  • Heiji gets really irritated when other guys hang around Kazuha. Now if only he could figure out why...
  • Some of the OVAs are hilarious! The first one is a Kaitou Kid/Detective Conan/Yaiba crossover featuring some very bizarre transformations and is of course All Just a Dream, while another has a criminal sounding just like Hattori Heiji without the accent which leads to Conan training Hattori to lose his accent so they could record him for a criminal identification program before they both remember that Conan has a voice changing bow-tie, and yet another episode has Sonoko trying to write a detective play and the Detective Boys giving her various suggestions for the solution with the story teller as the main hero.
    • Then in the 10th OVA, Kid has to escape by boat. Then a fish lands in his lap...
    • In the 11th OVA, Ai reveals to Ayumi that she had to stop eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches to keep from tempting Agasa into having some himself. Later, though, she discovers that Agasa had been special-ordering the ingredients while she wasn't looking, and had been doing so for some time. The devious little smile Ai has when she decides to give the latest package to herself and the Detective Boys is glorious.
  • Chapter 710 had Yokomizo inspecting Eri, whom he suspects as a culprit in the Mystery of the Week, when Kogoro informs him that he strip-searched her—much to Yokomizo's shock since he had no idea they were married until Kogoro told him. What follows is an investigation laced with heavy doses of Like an Old Married Couple routine.
  • In the fifth movie "Countdown to Heaven" Haibara stops Agasa from eating fattening food at a banquet and leaves to find him something healthier. Heartwarming, but the conversation Kogoro and Agasa have afterwards is pretty funny.
    Kogoro: She's like your wife.
    Agasa: (good-naturedly) I'm always hungry because of her!
    • In The Stinger, Kogoro realizes the car the Detective Boys used to escape is the one he won earlier. He promptly falls into the water.
  • Ai's revenge on Conan for seeing her and Ayumi naked... place chili powder in his pants and then watch Agasha try to find the problem. Woman Scorned indeed.
    • Then there's her demon face at Conan not to mention her utter shouting moment at Conan...
  • In a filler episode Conan, Ai and the Detective Boys are helping Megure and Takagi find a certain killer weapon. They locate it in a a crow nest. At the end of the episode, they see the crows perched in a nearby bench, looking at them closely... and then they chase the kids around, still angry for the damage made to their 'home'.
  • Megure is not so above it all.
  • Filler chapter 566 has Conan taking care of a two-year-old kiddo. Poor, POOR Conan.
  • Manga chapters 925-927/Anime episodes 822-823:
    • These chapters feature a case that starts when it's revealed that Ryuunosuke Higo (the soccer player Ai is a fangirl of) and Yoko Okino (the Idol Singer Kogoro adores) might be dating. It begins with Ai making one HELL of an Oh, Crap! face when she finds out, it's followed by Kogoro having an Heroic B.S.O.D.-like reaction when the news are featured on TV, then Ai hires Kogoro to investigate the rumors, and it goes downhill from there.
    • What adds to the hilarity of these chapters is Haibara's Not So Above It All behavior throughout. Someone coming into the series for the first time would have good reason to think Haibara was a jealous child with a Precocious Crush. Among her antics are hiring Kogoro, deleting all of Yoko's songs from her phone and counting how many times Yoko smiles at Higo while she, Kogoro, and Conan spy on them. During the inevitable murder case, Haibara agrees with whatever Higo says and disagrees with Yoko, even when they say pretty much exactly the same thing. In the end, Higo complements Ai on assisting with the case, and makes an offhand comment of adding her to his team. The final panel has her insisting on playing soccer even as the weather turns stormy singing Yoko's newest song.
  • In chapter 941, Conan has Chiba pick up Haibara as part of a demonstration of an optical illusion. Haibara, not having been consulted beforehand, endures with a very unamused expression on her face.
  • In 991, Heiji's kendo rival Okita tries to hit on Ran. Heiji promptly hits him.
  • In Chapter 1002, which is set in Kyoto, Sera meets Momiji. Her priorities are... hilariously skewed:
    Sera: "What did she eat to make hers grow so big?
  • Chapter 1003 has Shinichi return to being his normal size in order to go on a week-long school field trip. When investigating the case that pops up, he forgets that he is no longer Conan.
    Shinichi: Ah le le?