Franchise / Tabaluga

Tabaluga, a small green dragon, is the protagonist of a franchise of the same name.

He was created in 1983 by German singers Peter Maffay, Rolf Zuckowski, and Maffay's songwriter Gregor Rottschalk. Originally only created for one concept album, the franchise has spawned so far: three concept albums, two musicals, the Game Show ''Tabaluga tivi'', an animated series with a spin-off movie, audio drama adaptations of this series, several books, Board Games, and an award for charitable work (the "Golden Tabaluga").

To make matters more complicated, the concept albums and first musical (''Tabaluga und Lilli'') have a completely different continuity than the rest of the franchise, while the second musical (Tabaluga und das verschenkte Glück, "Tabaluga and the Lost Luck"), features both characters from the first musical and the series, in addition to a boatload of original characters who never appear in any part of the franchise again.

The only connection between the continuities are Tabaluga, the ghost of his father Tyrion, and the villain Arktos.

This franchise provides examples of:

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     General Tropes 

     Tabaluga und Lilli 
A musical about Tabaluga's struggles to free Arktos' "daughter" Lilli.

     The Game Show 
Two teams of 4 to 6th graders participate in mostly action-oriented minigames (a quiz-round was introduced later). The team winning more games has to win the final round to win the Grand Prize. (Roller skates/a skateboard/a bike + the latest gaming console + a T-Shirt). Later they also played for money for benevolent institutions.
  • Confetti Drop
  • Consolation Prize: a T-Shirt, a basket full of merchandising and a board game
  • Dueling Shows: Tabaluga tivi vs. Tigerenten-Club. Both gameshows for children about a popular franchise (Tabaluga and Janosch) interrupted twice for episodes of popular kids shows.
  • Game Show Appearance: A variation. A Tabaluga-animatronic was one of the hosts.
  • Soundproof Booth: Used for a while in the very first round: The kids had to answer questions about their teammate, who was in a Sound Proof Booth, then they swapped places. Replaced later with a "typical" quiz in the very last round.

     The Animated Adaption 

     The movie "Tabaluga & Leo" 
  • A Boy and His X: A boy and his dragon friend.
  • Christmas Episode: the movie serves as the Christmas special for the animated series.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: In this movie we find out that one of Arktos' motivations for the conquest of Greenland is because his mother wanted to do it and he wants to do it all for her. He even sheds icy tears.
  • Happily Adopted: Leo at the end of the movie; the foster family that took him home for Christmas decides to adopt him permanently.
  • The Klutz: Leo.
  • Lightning Can Do Anything: a lightning eventually powers up the giant toy dozer Arctos build (which previously wouldn’t start since it was modeled after a battery powered toy), allowing him to start his rampage. Justified since it needed electricity to work.
  • MacGuffin: the green crystal that is essential to completing the Greenland Day ritual for another 1000 years of good luck. It gets broken, forcing Tabaluga and Leo to get a replacement.
  • No Waterproofing in the Future: Arctos’ giant version of Leo’s toy dozer is eventually taken out with water, which causes it to short out.
  • Rage Breaking Point: During most of the movie Tabaluga remains calm and understanding with Leo even when the other Greenlanders turn on the boy, but after Leo’s clumsiness causes one accident too many even Tabaluga gets mad. He calms down again rather quickly when he finds out Leo is an orphan though.
  • Token Human: Leo is the only main Human character from the movie and, in fact, the first human to ever show up in Tabaluga’s world. Hence why the Greenlanders are rather suspicious of him.
  • Trapped in Another World: Leo is threatened with this if he doesn’t go back to his own world before the Greenland star disappears, because then the portal will close for another thousand years.
  • Walking Disaster Area: Not as bad as most versions of this trope, but Leo is rather clumsy and accidentally causes a lot of trouble because of it.