Film: The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob) is a 1973 French cult comedy directed by Gérard Oury. It stars Louis de Funès in one of his most famous roles.

Rabbi Jacob (Marcel Dalio) is a beloved rabbi from New York. One day, the French side of his family, the Schmolls, invite him to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of his young nephew David. Rabbi Jacob boards a plane to leave America for his birthland of France after more than 30 years of American life. His young friend Rabbi Samuel comes with him.

Meanwhile in France, Victor Pivert (De Funès), a xenophobic, chauvinistic and bad-tempered businessman, is on the way to his daughter's wedding. He and his driver, Salomon (Henri Guybet), have a car accident in which Pivert's car (carrying a speed boat) flips upside-down into a lake. When Salomon, who is Jewish, refuses to help because Shabbat has just begun, Pivert fires him, much to Salomon's content. As Pivert goes to find assistance in an empty bubblegum factory, he unvoluntarily helps Mohammed Larbi Slimane (Claude Giraud), an Arab revolutionist leader, to escape a group of Secret Police killers led by Farès (Renzo Montagnani). On the run from both Farès' killers and the French police, they disguise themselves as rabbis at the airport. Pivert is then mistaken for Rabbi Jacob by the Schmoll family.

The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob provides examples of the following tropes: