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Funny: The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob
  • Pivert's reactions to the mixed marriage and the subsequent Ash Face / Black Face gag.
  • On discovering that his driver is not Catholic: "Salomon? You're Jewish?"
  • Pivert, being driven through a Jewish community, in rabbi disguise, starts blessing everyone with the sign of the cross.
  • Pivert keeping up during the Hassidic dance, much to Salomon's surprise.
  • Pivert and Salomon have a mutual recognition moment as he is being dragged around as Rabbi Jacob.
    Salomon: Rabbi, I have a question. My boss just fired me because I don't work on Saturdays. What should I do?
    Pivert-as-Rabbi Jacob: Go see him and ask him to hire you again, he'll tell you yes! Ask him to give you a raise he'll tell you yes!
    Salomon: Will he double my wages?
    Pivert-as-Rabbi Jacob: He'll tell you yes!
    Salomon: Will he triple them?
    Pivert-as-Rabbi Jacob: He'll... tell you no.
  • Pivert, at gunpoint, trying to convince Farès he'll do his very best to forget anything he saw: "I don't even remember your name, Mr. Farès!"
  • Rabbi Jacob, on being mistaken, yet again, for Pivert (who's impersonating him): "Again Pivert?! Who is this Pivert?"
  • The priest at the wedding ceremony when Pivert (still in the rabbi's clothes) tells him he's the father of the bride.
  • Some policemen take off their hats in order to be respectful in the synagogue "because it's like a church."note  Cue them confusedly tapping their heads at all of the Jews tapping their own heads to indicate to them to put their hats back on.

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