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Funny: Machete Kills
  • The incredibly awesome trailer for "Machete Kills Again...In Space!" Featuring space stations, laser gun shootouts, machete-lightsaber duels to the death, and featuring the appearances of Justin Bieber as the annoying robot, and Leonardo Dicaprio as the man in the silver mask...who may or may not actually show up in the finished film.
  • The cheesy censorship of Machete and Miss San Antonio's sex scene.
    • "Put on your 3D glasses!"
  • Luz gets frozen in carbonite like Han Solo...except she's giving the finger when it happens.
  • The helicopter sequence.
  • Machete actually donning a spacesuit and blasting off into space to go after Voz.
  • The Chameleon repeatedly changing disguises and personas, also his demise, where he gets killed by a militia guarding the border, who mistake him for a Mexican trying to escape into the U.S. While pleading for his life and trying to explain himself, he says he is from Ontario, only for the racist gang to reveal that they hate Canadians as much as Mexicans before filling him with lead.
  • The scene where Luz reveals that day-laborers are being kidnapped by being beamed to VozTech HQ has Unfortunate Implications and yet still turned out to be funny.
  • How Machete defeats Desdemona and her henchwomen in the makeshift hospital is hilarious.
  • The president is shown in bed with three women.
  • Voz peeks at Machete getting dressed, with cheesy porn music playing.
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