Awesome: Machete Kills

  • Machete Neck Lifts a mook, then sticks his blade into a fuse box. The mook fries, while Machete gets a mild buzz.
  • Machete gets hanged, but instead of dying, he just gives the corrupt sheriff a Death Glare until he is released.
  • Machete Drives a speedboat full throttle so it upends onto the docks and shreds several mooks with the propellers.
  • "Pucker up, loverboy!" Machete defeats Desdemona in a makeshift hospital by charging a defibrillator and applying it to her gun bra, throwing her back several feet. "Clear!", indeed.
  • As Machete is chased by guards while running to a helicopter, he fires his grappling-hook into the blades, then spins around at over two hundred miles an hour, slicing heads off all the while.
  • Luz manages to kill Miss San Antonio in spite of being blind.
  • Machete rides a missile and disarms it in mid-flight!
  • The trailer for "Machete Kills Again...In Space!" showcases some potentially awesome action sequences including a lightsaber-like machete duel.