Film: Phenomena

She is a schoolgirl with an incredible telepathic link to insects. He is a fly with the amazing ability to pick up the scent of dead bodies over a great distance. Together, They Fight Crime!
Jennifer Corvino, the daughter of a famous actor, arrives in an elite academy in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there are several factors that make the transfer to a new school hard on her:
  1. Jennifer has the ability to attract and communicate with insects, which may guarantee her billions of friends among arthropods, but alienates her human peers.
  2. She is a chronic sleepwalker, which serves to make her look even more suspicious in the eyes of the faculty and students.
  3. There's been a series of grisly murders in the area, and new bodies are still turning up.

During one of her nightly trips, Jennifer meets and befriends Professor John McGregor, a kindly old entomologist who has been helping the local police with the murder investigation. McGregor is fascinated by Jennifer's strange gift, and soon she gets to put her abilities to good use by doing a little amateur sleuthing of her own.

Phenomena is a 1985 film directed and written by Dario Argento, starring a young Jennifer Connelly (in her first leading role), huge swarms of flies and a chimpanzee wielding a razor. The initial U.S. release of the film was edited down and re-titled Creepers, though it has since then received an uncut DVD release in the States.

Was the main inspiration for the original Clock Tower game for Super Famicom.

Not to be confused with another film titled Phenomenon, which is an entirely different creature.

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