Tear Jerker / Phenomena

Trust me, reading the series will make you cry a lot too!
For the book series Phenomena.

Alk & Ilke

  • Their loving parents leaving them to Sha-ra so they can grow up in freedom.
  • Leaving their parents again in book 4, not knowing what their fate will be...
  • Ilke's death.

Sha-ra & Arol

  • Sha-ra knowing that he has to fight his own brother whom he thought was dead and missed so much.
  • Sha-ra's past
  • Sha-ra's betrayal. He believes in the Phenomena to such an extent that he would betray them so Jolsah doesn't have to. Especially when one find out that the Phenomena has been only a huge lie, so he didn't have to.
  • That Sha-ra could never be a father to his real daughter.
  • Sha-ra's both deaths, the 1st was a Disney Death, but when he really dies is it really sad
  • Arol's death. He is revived but it's still sad when it happens.


  • Knowing that he never can be a normal sea man ever again.
  • His mother committing suicide because there is no way around the time he disappeared that they'd ever meet again...


  • The changes in Mijam's personality, that her little brother died of overworking and her father is dying.