Fridge / Phenomena

Fridge Brilliance:

  • Ilke doesn't have the usual personality for someone who's An Ice Person, nor is she calm and collected. She has the personality of someone playing in the snow! They may mature overtime, but that funloving and creative nature is still there.
  • Arol dies quite early in the series, and one slowly starts suspecting something to be wrong with the prophecy or the author as it said that the Chosen Ones will come riding on the winter prince's (Arol) back. When he's revived, one throw it off and think that was one of King Veha's plans all along. But "mistakes" keep on showing up, only to be cleared up later. But in the 7th book is it revealed that the prophecy is a scam. And that King Veha probably possessed Sha-ra to change things in the book to make it seem correct all along.
  • Most of the books somehow always starts with someone else than the Chosen Ones in focus. This makes awefully lot of sense when one realize that the prophecy is fake.

Fridge Horror:
Where is Alk's ahmel!?
  • The picture shows them being dragged down by hungry terraquses. While that's Nightmare Fuel in itself, one realize that the ahmel Alk befriended earlier isn't there. Worse still! When they are going to the surface is it noted that they see some terraquses eating something... that it looks familiar... and looks quite recent even though it's almost gone and completely eaten... The ahmel is never seen again, supporting this..!
  • Only chosen may touch Parados' Eye, so Millian can't touch it. It brings Arol back to life when he touches it, but he was kinda chosen to go with the children. But if Millian had touched it, would it give away that the prophecy was fake too early if it didn't work that way after all? Or is it random who can touch it or not? So if one of the twins had been unlucky would one of them have died?
  • The sheer amount of implied rapes, first Millian's mother, then Mijam. All this with a 9+ rating. What Do You Mean, It's for Kids? indeed...