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Fandom Specific Plot: One Piece
Most of the fanfiction for One Piece seem to have the same few plots over and over again:
  • A retelling of the canon story, but with a new OC added. Typically will follow The Stations of the Canon almost to a T and peter out sometime before the Alabasta arc.
  • A new generation of pirates story set X years after the death of Luffy, the 2nd Pirate King. Typically will solicit readers to submit their O Cs to fill up positions on the crew and as rivals/enemies.
  • An OC from the real world gets pulled into the One Piece world and makes friends with the Straw Hats, Whitebeard or the Heart Pirates. Typically later falls in love with Luffy/Zoro, Ace, or Trafalgar Law.
  • Sanji/Luffy/Nami getting sick and Zoro taking care of him/her. Instead of, you know, the actual doctor, Chopper. And yes, it always seems to be Zoro.
  • Any member of the crew, or even the whole crew, find out the secret behind why Sanji keeps his left eye covered. Or sometimes, just Sanji reflecting on it and no one finds out. Obviously, more common Pre-Time Skip, as after the Time Skip, Sanji covers his right eye and leaves his left visible, thereby proving pretty much all previous guesses wrong.
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