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Fan Fic: Parallel Legends
Parallel Legends is intended to be a trilogy of Zelda fan fics, building to a climactic end of the cycle of reincarnation that Link, Zelda and Ganon seem to be trapped in.

The original, Parallel Symphony, is the one that took over Roland X's life for two months while the story wrote itself. Din, Nayru and Farore, it was like being possessed... *cough* ahem, anyway, it's one possible tale of how the alternate Ocarina universe — the one that begins at the end of Ocarina of Time — might have played out, eventually leading to Twilight Princess. Even given standard artist's neurotic tendencies, the consensus appears to be that it turned out pretty well. Warning, though: major Shipping alert.

The sequel, Parallel Hearts, is a more straightforward followup to the aforementioned Twilight Princess. More Link/Zelda shipping, and the second half is almost literally overrun by Super Smash Brothers, but it has its share of fans.

While both stories stand on their own (though Parallel Hearts makes more sense if you read Parallel Symphony first), the last story will hopefully be Parallel Destiny, set millenia after Link to the Past/Four Swords Adventures and the "final" defeat of Big Bad Ganon. Link's wish on the Triforce has created a paradise...but not even the Triforce can suppress the will to power forever. Evil is rising once more, and The Hero will be called to face it one last time...

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