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Creator Breakdown: Web Original
  • A humorous in-work example is the Youtube series You Suck At Photoshop. It's a series of videos teaching the viewer how to use Photoshop, but as the series progresses the audience learns all about the creator's personal problems by this trope.
  • Matthew Mercer suffered literal Creator Breakdown trying to produce the Grand Finale to There Will Be Brawl, to the point that he ended up on bed rest with a pinched nerve and caused the delay of the finale. In a subversion though, blame for this was squarely placed on Executive Meddling: The Escapist suddenly (without even consulting him) announced that the finale would premiere a week earlier than he had planned.
  • Miss Hannah Minx might currently suffer from this. She usually didn't care about her male viewers other interest in her. But after she posted one single video without showing her breasts enough. She got tons of hatemail. Her next video was a passive aggressive complain about her reception. Afterwards she went back to her original style for a short while only to be called a hypocritical prostitute. Her latest active video series was when she attended a dance contest. Since then her weekly videos about Japanese has only been updated about once every third month. Something on the dance contest might have been the final blow, who broke her.
    • She hasn't updated Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter since October 13th, 2013, so something has definitely happened.
  • Nina Paley, after a bad breakup with her husband, found solace in the Ramayana, particularly the story of Rama saving his wife Sita and later having problems taking her back. The result: Sita Sings the Blues.
  • Ponibooru was shut down on 6/17/12 because Eco/Archive, the main operator and site owner, thought he was no longer capable of running the site.
  • Noah Antwiler from The Spoony Experiment went through this in 2009 and 2011. In 2009, he was having equipment problems and site problems during the filming of the final Final Fantasy VIII video while he was moving out of his parents house. And in 2011, went through some hard times with a heart conditionnote  and a breakup with his girlfriend (who was also TSE's web mistress). In November 2011, he made a blog post confessing that his recent drop in production has mainly been due to him battling clinical depression - which the fans took to heart so much that the regular trolls have stayed away from that blog post.
    • Unfortunately, it flared back up over around June 2012 with his infamous Twitter fight with Obscurous Lupa and Lord Kat, which led to his suspension and eventual departure from That Guy with the Glasses. (He later said the suspension only expedited his decision to leave TGWTG that he'd been considering already.) He then lost his shit in Twitter, insulting basically everyone possible, even those trying to offer support - until finally seeking help and being diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. His breakdown reached the extent where it became a plot point in his reviews' running storyline that his life is falling apart around him, as he feels betrayed by his job, his co-workers, and his life; one villain taunts him by asking how long until he opens his mouth again and turns even his fans against him.
  • In a less break-all-connections way, Doug Walker in the filming of the three anniversary specials. Kickassia had him beat himself up over people getting sunburned, he thought he was destroying Suburban Knights so much that it drove him to a day's depression in bed, and he openly admits to screwing over his body in To Boldly Flee because he never wanted to be seen as lazy. In the commentary for the last, he admits that not wanting to put the producers through hard work is the reason that they're not doing big specials any more.
    • He revealed in commentary that "The Review Must Go On" was originally even nastier and messier (Rob had to be brought in to clean it up) because he was just so angry at the fans demanding The Nostalgia Critic back and making him feel like Demo Reel had to be torched. And with the constant mentions of missing the latter show, Critic being much darker-spirited and all the Take That, Audience! in both Critic and vlogs, his bitterness doesn't seem to be going away.
  • Chaos Fighters: Chemical Warriors-RAKSA was created when the series creator suffering from depression. After ending an unpleasant internship experience, he realized how immature he is after being scolded by his entire family and having to finish his thesis within one month while his supervisor was at UK for two weeks with lab work unfinished. Deciding to extend, he spent time on the project, but he could not do it according to his schedule. This shows when the starscream appeared for the first time, a distressed dude has to be rescued and the heroine has to deal with people who believe that said dude in question is a villain instead of a victim. Also, updates were not done in daily basis. However, it still ends ideally as he promised to reduce the effect of this trope and he managed to complete the novel in time.
  • In the Metamor Keep setting, authors have had to either abandon the universe or slow down. Things that have plagued the authors include:
    • Brain aneurism
    • Deaths in the family
    • Pneumonia
  • Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons is one of the bleakest, darkest, and most depressing (not to mention longest) fanfictions ever created. Is it any wonder that its author is a suicidal major depressive?
  • The creator of Super Mario Bros. Z lost his motivation because of its fans and ended the series.
  • Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel. (as this edit is being written) Check his fanfiction page
  • Fireball 20 XL and many sites that shared the same domain was undone by one of these, caused by an Internet Counterattack that not only was started when people found out that Psyguy had horrificly abused many women for years, but also because he unsuccesfully tried to silence people and remove any evidence against him. Faster than you can say Streisand Effect, the rage of the people drove Psyguy into removing not only Fireball 20 XL and other websites under his domain, but also removed most of his social media content, but not before people on Tumblr screencapped the most important evidence to his actions, making sure that he will Never Live It Down.
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