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aka: Clover Studios

"It signifies a company that is valuable like platinum, high quality, and shines a never-changing light. In line with that name, we have to make high quality titles."
Tatsuya Minami, on how the company got its name.

PlatinumGames, Inc. is a Japanese video game development studio known for over-the-top games of various shapes and sizes.

Originally, the main creative minds here (including Hideki Kamiya, Atsushi Inaba, and Shinji Mikami) were a part of Capcom as the Research and Development department known as Clover Studios, but left Capcom due to creative disputes.This talent then formed a different company, Seeds Inc., but before anything was produced by Seeds, they merged with ODD Incorporated to form PlatinumGames, a fully independent company. PlatinumGames moved to ally with Sega, and while their games were still cult hits, they performed considerably better than they did at Capcom.

Their alliance with Sega, however, has produced mixed results; Although their presence in the industry has lead to Platinum's games becoming not only critical hits but commercial ones, their haphazard port of Bayonetta to the PlayStation 3 and their relative indifference to the western release of Anarchy Reigns may have soured their relationship.

Some characters from Clover studios would eventually be used in Capcom's newest crossover fighting games. Mikami and Kamiya had stated that they have considered sequels to their games, but Capcom's use of the two men's characters led them to the conclusion that they can't continue to identify with their characters (Though Hideki Kamiya did say he has ideas for a second true sequel to Okami, and is planning something with Capcom).

Compare to CyberConnect2, a similar Japanese game developer, that like PlatinumGames, tends to turn out relatively well received yet still rather Cult Classic games.

Games made by PlatinumGames include:

As Clover Studios, under Capcom:
  • Viewtiful Joe: 2003; the only game (until Bayonetta 2) to actually have a sequel made by the same developers (GameCube, PS2)
    • Viewtiful Joe 2: 2004; the aforementioned sequel (GameCube, PS2)
    • Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble: 2005; a Mascot Fighter (GameCube, PSP)
    • Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble: 2005; hinted as the series finale, but Real Life Writes the Plot, and has instead become the last game in the trilogy (Nintendo DS)
  • Ōkami: 2006; considered to be their best work when they were in Capcom as Clover Studios (PS2 and Wii)
    • Platinum was not connected to the Wii port or the DS sequel, Ōkamiden.
  • God Hand: 2006; their biggest Cult Classic (PS2)

As PlatinumGames:

Cancelled Games:
  • Scalebound: A Microsoft published title planned for Xbox One and PC. Cancelled January 2017.

Tropes frequently employed by PlatinumGames include:

Alternative Title(s): Clover Studios