Characters: Ys Seven

Characters introduced in Seven:


The princess of Altago who wants to help those in need.


A blind priestess and the head of the Kylosian village.


The chief of Segram Village, out in the middle of the desert.


Mustafa's sister who is suffering from the Iskan fever.


The grandson of the ruler of Shannoa Village, hidden deep in the forest. He is a bit of a brat.


A young girl who takes care of the people in the slums. She adopts a young orphaned mute girl named Maya and sells flowers and medicines for living.


One of the Dragon Knights of Altago. A reasonable man, who lends a hand when necessary.


One of the Dragon Knights of Altago. Haughty and arrogant, he uses his position to lord over the commonfolk and get what he wants.

  • Break the Haughty: Undergoes a major one after the halfway point. First, Sigroon betrays him. Then, his men are constantly beaten and humiliated by Adol and his party. Finally, he can do nothing to stop Scias' massacre of Altago Palace.
  • Jerk Ass: We first meet him attmepting to force himself onto Tia, and he just gets worse from there.