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These are some of the major characters in the WarCraft universe (World of Warcraft included). Since it's filled with Loads and Loads of Characters, please handle this topic with care and avoid flooding it with minor characters. For their Hearthstone versions, see this page. For the movie versions, see this page.


  • The Adventurers. "Adventurer" is the lore name for player characters in World of Warcraft. They are also referred to as champions, heroes, commanders, and later generals. Although unnamed and numerous, it is thanks to these brave individuals that Azeroth, Outland and Draenor have been saved on numerous occasions in recent and past times.
  • The Alliance
    • Stormwind (Humans)note 
    • Lordaeron (Humans)note 
    • Gilneas (Humans/Worgen)note 
    • Kul Tiras (Humans)note 
    • Other Human Kingdomsnote 
    • Ironforge (Dwarven Clans)note 
    • Gnomeregan (Gnomes)note 
    • Quel'Thalas (High Elves and Void Elves)note 
    • Darnassus (Night Elves)note 
    • The Exodar (Draenei)note 
    • Tushui (Pandaren)note 
    • The Vindicaar (Lightforged Draenei)note 
  • The Horde
    • The Old Horde/Iron Hordenote 
    • Orgrimmar (Orcs)note 
    • The Darkspear Tribe (Trolls)note 
    • Thunder Bluff (Tauren)note 
    • The Forsaken (Undead)note 
    • Quel'Thalas (Blood Elves)note 
    • Bilgewater Cartel (Goblins)note 
    • Huojin (Pandaren)note 
    • Thunder Totem (Highmountain Tauren)note 
    • Suramar (Nightborne)note 
    • Zandalari Empire (Zandalar trolls)note 
    • Garrosh's Hordenote 
    • Other (non-playable races)note 
  • The Scourgenote 
  • Illidan & his followersnote 
  • The Burning Legionnote 
  • The Old Godsnote 
  • Eternalsnote 
  • The Dragonflightsnote 
  • The Artifact Weaponsnote 
  • Others note 

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