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08:48:18 AM Feb 10th 2014
So, I've been thinking and wondering that we might need to establish just how big or small we would want the character images on these pages to be, as it would make it look neater and cleaner. I know I've personally been struggling with the images way back when I used to add character images, as I couldn't figure out what I wanted the standard width and height to be. Anybody with a good idea on this matter?
09:54:05 PM Jan 20th 2014
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Should we add a "% %" Note to tell people not to edit in Hearthstone?
02:49:25 AM Jan 21st 2014
05:32:58 AM Jan 22nd 2014
It seems people aren't getting that Hearthstone is completely irrelevant to the warcraft verse at large.

Would you put the way garchomp is presented in the TCG into it's character page?

What about the way Optimus Prime plays in the licensed game for the movieverse?
11:14:28 PM Aug 25th 2011
I was wondering if it would be nice to have a list of races and their tropes somewhere around this. Maybe as a chapter in the characters session.
02:00:52 PM May 19th 2011
This page is being split due to length. It has reached a size where it is in danger of causing server performance issues. See this thread for details.

To alleviate this, I split off the current content along the lines of the current folder structure. New examples should be placed in the appropriate sub-pages.
01:51:25 PM Dec 14th 2010
Shouldn't the Character Development example on Garrosh really be Character Derailment? We don't really see any of his supposed development as he's still the stupid, racist, violent jack ass all through Wrath of the Lich King, where he was happy to admit that he would slaughter children just for being a race from the opposite faction. How did he become willing to protect children of the enemy faction? We don't see this. All we see is how he was before, during Wrath, and after, during Cataclysm.
01:54:38 PM Dec 14th 2010
Not to mention he's ''still' a violent, racist warmonger who sends his army on a kill-all-resistance war of conquest after claiming all of Kalimdor as the Horde's dominion.
09:22:27 AM Apr 25th 2011
It's character development because he has less hatedom among fans now and people are starting to understand him.
03:30:09 PM Dec 4th 2010
Should we add images to the characters or keep them as they are?
06:09:10 PM Mar 18th 2011
Thanks for adding those, looks good.
08:16:23 AM Oct 25th 2010
Why were Balnazzar, Archimonde, Sargares, Kiljaeden and the Old Gods removed from Complete Monster? They technically do qualify. Balnazzar dupes a guy into murdering his own father and is responsible for corrupting the Scarlet Crusade, making him responsible for all their murders, Sargarus wants to kill all life and seems to take joy in it, Archimonde is the same, Kiljaeden corrupted the orcs and caused their crimes, while Deathwing murdered most of the blue flight, killed millions when he broke free, and has a sociopathic hatred of all non dragons, and the Old Gods are responsible for almost every atrocity in Azeroth's history (Deathwing's crimes, Loken's crimes, the War of the Shifting Sands) and do it purely for shits and giggles. They are all pure evil.
08:31:11 AM Oct 25th 2010
edited by Fighteer
Because Complete Monster is a Subjective Trope that we no longer want on main articles. Plus your Wall of Text made it absurdly intrusive in the page.

If I were to debate the actual points, however, most of those guys have a Freudian Excuse, which automatically disqualifies them. Loken and Deathwing were corrupted by the Old Gods, Kael'thas was driven mad by fel magic, Sargeras went mad and fell from grace; etc. The Old Gods are primal forces and presumably don't have a moral choice. In short, none of them satisfy the actual requirements of the trope.
08:33:25 AM Oct 25th 2010
Could you at least make a YMMV page for such subjectives?
08:34:45 AM Oct 25th 2010
Umm... YMMV.Warcraft. Okay, have fun.
11:04:38 AM Oct 25th 2010
archimonde and kil'jaeden embraced power for the sake of it though. they have none. Kil'jaeden is a magificent bastard too, but he's still pretty damn evil. Archimonde kills for the hell of it. He definately qualifies, since he has no real excuse to speak of besides being a power hungry asshole.
12:51:37 PM Oct 25th 2010
edited by Fighteer
So add them to the Monster.VideoGames entry and/or throw them in YMMV.Warcraft. That's why we have those pages.
12:46:29 PM Oct 26th 2010
Also, Kil'jaeden is a Magnificent Bastard, which exempts someone from Complete Monster. Archimonde is the only one left who might qualify, but while he's certainly Eeeeeevil, he fails to stand out as remarkably worse than anyone else in the Legion.
05:05:12 PM Nov 6th 2010
I think the Dragonflights should probably have Korialstrasz and Chronormu listed, since both seem pretty pretty deep in the lore (and in the case of Chromie, literally)
09:35:41 PM Nov 6th 2010
Feel free to add 'em.
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