Characters / The Replacements

Characters featured in the Disney Channel Animated Series The Replacements.

The Daring Family

Todd Bartholomew Daring-Fleem

Voiced by: Nancy Cartwright

The lazy, trouble-making, and selfish one of the siblings.

Riley Eugene Daring-Fleem

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

The kinder, more caring and reliable sibling who enjoys school.

Dick Daring

Voiced by: Daran Norris

The siblings' world-famous daredevil adoptive father.

Agent K Daring

Voiced by: Kath Soucie

The siblings' adoptive mother who is of British descent and is a super spy.

C.A.R.T.E.R. aka C.A.R.

Voiced by: David McCallum

The high-tech family car with a British accent. He can do just about anything, but is not always willing to do something for the family, especially not for Dick.

Prince Cinnamon Boots

The Daring Family's pet mule.

The Costars

Conrad Fleem

Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

The mysterious owner of the Fleemco company. He processes Todd and Riley's requests whenever they call him.


Voiced by: Lauren Tom

Riley's Japanese best friend. She always wears a pink armor and claims her family is part of a crime-fighting team. She also has a list of people she hates.

In "Tasumi Unmasked", it is revealed that Tasumi is in fact a Japanese pop star. She moved to Pleasant Hills in order to escape the constant adoration of her fans and live a peaceful life. In order to make sure that nobody recognized her, she wore a costume from a popular TV show and used details from that show in order to get a new history.

Jacobo Jacobo (Ha-co-bo)

Voiced by: Candi Milo

Todd's best friend who is of Mexican descent.

Abbey Willson

Voiced by: Erica Hubbard in Season One, Tempestt Bledsoe in Season Two

Riley's other best friend.

Shelton Klutzberry

Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

The stereotypical nerd at school.

Buzz Winters

Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

A wanna-be bully and Todd's arch nemesis.

Johnny Hitswell

The subject of Riley's affection. He enjoys basketball and baseball. In season two he starts dating Riley, but breaks up with her for being to controlling after she followed him all the way to New York with Abby and Tasumi.

Sierra McCool

Voiced by: Tara Strong

The popular girl at school, and Riley's arch nemesis.

Donny Rottweiller

Voiced by: Jess Harnell

A professional bully who is Buzz's mentor and Todd's other nemesis.

Ace Palmero

Pleasant Hills' local news reporter.

Dr. Scorpius

Voiced by: Rob Paulsen

Agent K's archenemy.