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Characters: Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad
Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad character sheet.

Team Samurai

Sam Collins/Servo

Played by: Matthew Lawrence

The main protagonist of the series. Sam is the lead guitarist of a teen rock band called Team Samurai. In a freak accident with his personal computer, Sam gains the ability to transform into a cybernetic superhero Servo, a guardian tasked with saving the world from the evil digital menace Kilokhan.


Played by: Kevin Castro

Team Samurai's drummer and the school's best player on the football team. Tanker is eager for a good battle and a good meal. When not fighting, drumming, or eating, he longs to be with Sydney.

Sydney "Syd" Forrester/Borr

Played by: Robin Mary Florence

Keyboard player, vocals, and computer genius. The tomboyish Syd is constantly maintaining Servo's programs, keeping Sam in top form.

Amp/Vitor I

Played by: Troy Slaten

Bass player and a total space case.

Lucky London/Vitor II

Played by: Rembrant

Amp's replacement with a love for surfing.



Voiced by: Tim Curry

The main villain of the show. Kilokhan is a rogue military artificial intelligence hell bent on ruling the world. He uses his powers to bring Malcolm's drawings to life as Mega Virus Monsters to wreck havoc on the digital world.

Malcolm Frink

Played by: Glen Beaudin

A classmate from Sam's school. Malcolm is lonely kid who wears black and has artistic talent. When he and Kilokhan form an alliance, Malcolm uses Kilokhan's abilities to bring his monsters to life to make others miserable.

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