Characters / Kira-Kira

The characters of Kira-Kira and their associated tropes.
    The Second Literature Club Band 

Shikanosuke Maejima/Shikako

The One Guy in the Second Literature Club Band, as well as the protagonist of Kira-Kira. He is consistently described as sweet, but kind of heartless at the same time. He's forced to dress up as a girl for any concert the band holds, although he hates the thought of being a Wholesome Crossdresser. He's the band's bassist, and his instrument's name is Sfender.

Kirari Shiino

The main heroine and vocalist of d2b. An energetic, clumsy, yet a very intelligent girl. She comes from a poor family and is often forced to work part-time as the breadwinner of the family.

Chie Isurugi

Shikanosuke's childhood friend. She's a year older than the rest, but in the same grade as them because family issues made her miss too many school days last year. Tends to act as the Only Sane Man or the Cool Big Sis to the others. Notable for her side ponytail and beauty mark. She plays the drums for d2b.

Sarina Kashiwara

Resident Ojou Ill Girl and the guitarist for d2b. She's Kirari's best friend. Her grandfather is the head of a very influential family. Due to her illness, her grandfather is often very strict and protective of her.


The hulking guy with the Face of a Thug and the person often seen hanging out with Shikanosuke. At the beginning of the game, he picks up a passion for rock music and ends up supporting the band's formation.

In Kirari's normal end, he and Shikanosuke end up forming a band called "Happy Cycle Mania". The same happens in Kirari's true end, but Shikanosuke doesn't end up joining.

Kenta Tonoya

The guitarist of Star Generation. He keeps a low profile as a student. He is stoic and quiet, rarely showing any emotion. He ends up becoming the Big Brother Mentor to d2b.

Midori Shiraga

The young runaway daughter of a Yakuza family, introduced in Chie's route. Chie and Shikanosuke get roped up in her antics.


The vocalist of "Happy Cycle Mania", introduced in Kirari's normal route not, actually, she's the girl that Kirari and Shikanosuke rescue from some Yakuza thugs early on. She keeps a flyer from one of d2b's concert and was able to hunt down Shikanosuke and join as a vocalist.