Characters / Divergence Eve

Misaki Kureha

The main protagonist of the series. She was orphaned at an early age. Her father died on the Watcher's Nest as the result of a Ghoul attack and her mother died of unknown causes when she was a young girl. She lived with other relatives until age 18; when she joined the army because she couldn't find a better job. Somehow, she was selected as an elite Seraphim cadet despite her clumsiness, inexperience, and inability to do anything right. After completing her training, she was selected to guard the Watcher's Nest from ghoul attacks along with fellow Seraphim cadets: Luxandra Frail, Suzanne Bluestein, and Kiri Marialate. Despite her shortcomings, she has a cheery personality that lifts the spirits of others around her. Under normal circumstances, Misaki is a clumsy idiot, but she has latent abilities that emerge in times of trouble or immense pressure. Later in the series, she is revealed to be the result of genetic engineering to create a ghoul/human hybrid.

Luxandra Frail

Luxandra is the only one of the four probationary pilots to have military training before they arrive, having been saved by soldiers herself she decided to become one.

Suzanna Bluestein

Suzanna originally planned to become an engineer but from her military family she chose to follow the family career.

Kiri Marilate

A young girl from New Zealand,Not much is known about Kiri.


A support android, who was built by Lieutenant Commander Lyar Von Ertiana and works for her.