Characters / Darkness Rising

Ah, Darkness Rising. You have enough characters to rival even Axis Powers Hetalia. Let's begin then...

Utopia's End role-players, don't read anything past the folder that says "Utopia's End". It is likely to contain massive, most likely unmarked spoilers. (Particularly for Pike.) Read at your own risk.

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     Utopia's End 

Pike Mineta

  • Chocolate Baby: Since she's albino.
  • Plot Allergy: Allergic to sunlight. This is taken rather realistically; she could actually die from this.

     Darkness Rising 
Notice: Hakumei is in the military demons' folder.


"They stripped me of my humanity, I shall strip them of their lives."

The main protagonist of the series. He used to be human and lived in Neilville until some idiotic demon hunters killed him. They assumed he was a demon because he knew necromancy. He came back to life by selling his soul to become a reaper, then had to witness his family being killed. Now, he's trying to get revenge for his death, his family's death and for all the innocents killed.


"I will never be just a memory. And I will never be useless either."

The token Japanese-Korean demon. She used to be a human in Neilville until she was hit by a subway. She was revived as a demon as a flying demon with pyrokinesis. She wants to know who revived her.

  • Abusive Parents / Parental Neglect: They were smart, so they pretended they cared about her in public (like buy her whatever she wanted to seem "spoiled") but didn't really love her in the inside.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Exaggerated. She falls in love with Neil. Then she says she fell for him since he was "one of the first to care about me."
  • Apologizes a Lot:
    Pike: I'm so sorry! This is how I usually greet everyone.
  • Badass Adorable: Often attacked, but not afraid to fight for her life. She's not afraid to become suddenly cold at these enemies either. She even saves Neil herself!
  • Badass Decay: In Darkness Rising, she saves Neil multiple times and is shown being able to take care of herself. In Trilogy and Scorched though, she's not as effective as a fighter and becomes a Neutral Female. May be justified on how everyone else (especially Neil) got stronger.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Japanese, Korean and French, but acts pretty Americanized.
  • Expy: Was written as a parody of Bella.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Without any explanation at all.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Zigzags from cursing every line to resorting to friendly substitutes.
  • The Heart: Mostly since she kept most of her humanity.
  • Heroic Albino: The closest thing of a hero in this role-play.
  • Improvised Weapon: Her main fighting style is just to grab the nearest thing and use it.
  • Morality Chain: Neil's.
  • Neutral Female: Subverted at least five times, but played straight when Neil tells her to stay out of it.
  • Nice Girl: Most definitely the sweetest girl in the series.
  • Only One Name: Averted. She introduces herself with only Pike, but officially has a full name. Pike Rose Minishia. In Utopia, the last name is changed to Mineta.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted. She's probably the most sweetest and mentally stable out of the whole cast.
  • Shipper on Deck: Thinks two people as "cute" or that they're in love with each other. She supports: Haku/Alex, Willow/Kasou, and Haku/Laire.
  • Shrinking Violet: Especially in Trilogy. It showed a bit in Scorched, but not so much in the original.
  • Sweet Tooth: "I'm a sweet food addict." We mostly see her drinking soda though.
  • Tomboyish Name
  • Winged Humanoid
  • Zettai Ryouki: Grade A after the Time Skip.

Alex Rose

A druid who was a peaceful demon until the humans destroyed his home. Now he's searching to kill his demon hunter.


A legendary demon hunter with skills that rival Neil. He hunts him down to no tomorrow.

     Scorched Earth 


Laire's a human who died while he was on a date with his girlfriend; A group of thugs killed both of them and raped her. A demon brought him back to life because his soul was not at rest. He killed them for revenge and now walks the earth as a revenant.




Why do we put so much detail and decoration into things that will ultimately be destroyed? And not just armor, or weapons, or other physical things, but things like relationships, and feelings? They are so fragile, so exposed to abuse and danger, yet when we see these things damaged, we are surprised, and we are hurt...Since when have I been a philosopher?

  • Berserk Button: Don't have someone control your body near him. Waking him up when he's sleeping isn't a good idea either.
  • BFS: Two. At least it explains why he's so muscled.
  • Character Development: Becomes less attached on his past and becomes inspired to follow his own interests. He also learns to accept that demons could be people too. After he deals with his other side, he becomes like the happy man "he was before."
  • Death Seeker: He says when he fights with Vandall that he only wanted a "good fight" and willingly allows for himself to be killed.
  • Named Weapons: The first two were called Rage and Hatred. The second pair is called Lyric and Carnage.
  • Not a Morning Person: "What's a man got to do to get just 15 hours of sleep around here?"
  • Shock and Awe: When he becomes a demon.
  • Psycho Electro: Only his demonic side.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Which represents his demonic side.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: When he becomes a demon.

Jaxon/ Horseman of Death

  • Berserk Button: "You hit my face, no one hits my face! No one!"
  • Big Bad: Of the second one.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Neil, natch. Both of them surviving from their dead family? Both of them controlling dead armies? Their hair is even colored opposite from each other! At least Neil tries to hide his evil side, while he proudly show off his inner jerk. The more heroic one at least has positive motivation in life and something to love.
  • Necromancer
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Jackson? Jaxson? One wonders how his name wasn't spelled the normal way...
  • Walking Spoiler
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz

     Trilogy Of Hell 

Seth Gladerun "Kasou"

Why did all this have to happen? Why did demons have to come here?

Willow "Will" Owens

A girl with Wiccan blood in her body who stumbles upon Neilville. She then sticks with the group of demons.

Yoshida Tomohisa

A half-raccoon, half-fox demon that used to go to school in Neilville. He has an evil side and a mysterious past. Now, he's trying to bring his past girlfriend back to life.


"It's ok child. Few on Earth remember our Lord. This is why he has turned from it. He cannot associate with the sin of this world. I am the Archangel Michael. Commander and General over all of God's armies. I am here to see if I can save mankind."

Miharu Himuro

First appeared in ''Trilogy of Hell

The past lover of Yoshida. She was killed when her council found out she was dating him and became revived. She meets up with him again before Satan's troops attack.

    Demon Military 
They're so confusing that they needed their own section! Hakumei is included in this folder. Please note that this isn't Jaysen's military.

Tropes that apply to many of them:

  • Amazon Brigade: There are boys, but the only ones seen are insignificant NPCs.
  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Hakumei- brawn, Allison- brains, Destiny/Jess- beauty.
  • Cool Car: They own a RV that can transform into a helicopter. Get this, it can even deflect swords and completely bulletproof! Justified considering they work for the military.
  • Five-Man Band: Slowly making one of their own:
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: Surprisingly averted. Scorched Earth reveals that Allison misses 1/6 of the time and Jess misses half of the time. Sometimes you wonder why Jess is the leader if she has the crappiest aim.
  • True Companions
  • Neutral Females: Usually subverted or averted; they play this straight sometimes. Especially Hakumei.
    • Lampshaded when Pike is being attacked:
    Jess: So we just be witnesses?
    Hakumei: Yep.
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: They know pop songs from "Wake Up", to "Evacuate the Dance Floor", shop in mainstream stores, and have the newest phones. Think of them as gossipy teenagers, except older. Doesn't mean they can't fight.
  • Put on a Bus: Jess, Sam and Maria. At least the creator explains Jess her leadership to Hakumei.

Hakumei "Haku"/ Brooke Silverstar

First appeared in Darkness Rising

Allison/ Sky

First appeared in Darkness Rising

  • An Ice Person: Controls ice and usually fits the personality.
  • Fallen Angel: As of Trilogy of Hell.
  • Telepathy: Her other power. She usually uses it to speak to Pike or find out what the others are thinking.
  • Unwanted Harem: Rare female example! She's said to be easily fallen for, but only thought of them as friends. They never mentioned if they were boys or girls.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has blue hair as of Trilogy. Justified; they used hair dye.


First appeared in Darkness Rising


First appeared in Trilogy of Hell


First appeared in Darkness Rising


First appeared in Darkness Rising

     Minor Characters 
Such a tragedy many of them were Put on a Bus...

Neil's mouse

First appeared in ''Darkness Rising

"What do you mean we?"

A skeleton mouse that Neil picked up in the beginning of the story. It is brought to life by him on will. He usually uses it to check on what other people are doing. He thinks of it as one of his closest companions. Pike thinks it's cute.


First appeared in Darkness Rising.

A hunter that runs into the group. Apparently is "pathetic" compared to the others.


First appeared in Darkness Rising

"Why should we be hunted; this world is just as much ours as it is theirs! Freedom is expensive, but blood is free."

A Shade who seeks out for the girl he loves. He became a demon by switching his human life with her, then she was taken away.


First appeared in Darkness Rising

A fallen angel who fell because she fell in love with a human. The same human dumped her for another. She still acts angelic despite the fact she fell, and wishes to fall in love again.

Zero Star

First appeared in Darkness Rising


First appeared in Darkness Rising


First appeared in Darkness Rising

The reason that Pike is dead, Rose only hunts demons for money. She is also a pop star.


First appeared in Scorched Earth

A living armor suit. He briefly fights with Jaysen, then vanishes off.


Debuted in Scorched Earth

"It's called a flamethrower, smart one."

A demon hunter who was told to report on the demon activity of Neilville. His friend died from their burning school in The Cleansing. He runs into Mozerth, then retreats from battle. He briefly runs into Hakumei, then disappears from the story.

Len Shibiharu

Debuted in Darkness Rising

A neko who was on the run with other demons, then suddenly became separated. Pike saved him once, but they don't talk about that. He can control shadows.

  • Cat Boy: He's a neko, so this is to be expected.
  • Non-Action Guy: One of the only male characters that doesn't dare to fight.

Steam Ray

Debuted in Scorched Earth


Debuted in Scorched Earth

Laire's demon hunter.


Debuted in Trilogy of Hell

     The Lucifer Followers 
Satan himself is included in this. Warning: contains massive spoilers if you didn't read Trilogy of Hell.


The devil and ruler of hell. He caused the apocalypse by releasing the demons in the Hell Gate. He also may or may not be Odin's father.


Aka Chi

A butler that died when he was playing a "game" with another man. He ended up working for Satan himself. He can get rather... affectionate with other male characters.

Zonbi Youji

The zombie child of Aka Chi. He was created from corpses and necromancy by his father.



First appeared in Scorched Earth

The death goddess and Neil's boss/mistress. She's often mentioned, but primarily shows up during Trilogy of Hell. Was supposed to have her reapers kill the survivors of Odin's apocalypse. She also may or may not be Odin's mother.


God himself. Never shows up, but he's the guy Michael serves for.

Loki Oswald

First appeared in Scorched EarthThe god of luck.

Lady Luna

The goddess of humanity and the moon... Or what's left of it. She's the one who brings Arkana back to life.

Apocalypse "Odin"

The god of the apocalypse. He was originally supposed to plan the apocalypse involving four horsemen, but screwed it up.

Vandel Gardosin

  • BFS: Created a thirty foot sword and wielded it. Successfully.
    • As one of the role-players said in the OOC: "That's bigger than my own house."
  • Mundane Made Awesome: "The gods shall destroy your soul." Vandal said as he grabbed Steam's soul and ate it.