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Awesome: The Witcher
  • The rendered introduction movie in the first game is a retelling of one of the first short stories, published way back in 1991. It's an excellent, action-packed sequence in its own right, but in a moment of transmedia cleverness...
  • Killing Azar Javed at the Manor not only gives Geralt payback for Kaer Morhen, if you spared Berengar, he returns to help finish Salamandra once and for all.
  • In the first major quest hub, if you chose to save the witch that's being hunted by the villagers, Geralt delivers an awesome speech towards the villagers. Did I mention he scares off the priest by pointing his blade?
    Geralt: You have two options. Wait until I leave and then murder Abigail. But then I'll come back. I'll slay every lice ridden peasant, anything that moves and can't climb a tree. Or, you can lead honorable lives, clear your conscience, start again. Like humans. The choice is yours.
  • The fight with the golem.
  • After escaping the turmoil in Temeria, Geralt resolves a conflict between a group of sentient amphibians and a small human village. For his actions, the Lady goddess of the Lake knights Geralt, gives him a magic sword, and tells him to go face his destiny. That's right, Geralt is now King Arthur.
    • Actually, the sword in question Geralt receives is a silver blade called Aerondight. "Arondight" was the sword given by the Lady to a bit different knight, effectively turning Geralt into Lancelot. Which is actually even more appropriate.
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