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Trivia / The Witcher

General franchise/Mixed media

  • Word of Saint Paul: It is generally accepted among the fandom that Korin from Road of no return was Geralt's biological father. However, it was not Sapkowski who came up with this idea, but rather Maciej Parowski, writer of the comic book adaptation.

"The Hexer" movie and TV series

Short stories and saga

  • Fan Translation: The only way you can read The Sword of Destiny and finish the saga in English, as the official translations end right now (2014) with Baptism of Fire. Although British English translations of The Tower of the Swallow and Lady of the Lake are supposed to be published in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The Sword of Destiny was completely skipped in America, going straight to Blood of Elves, but a translation was released in the UK in May 2015 to coincide with the third game.
  • Schedule Slip: There was a 5-year wait between the English translations of Blood of Elves and The Time of Contempt owing to problems with the publisher and the original translator's schedule, but the series seems to be back on track.

Tabletop RPG

  • Fan Translation: At least three were started...
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Paper editions of "White Wolf" are becoming more and more rare, since they were printed in relatively small numbers and in fragile magazine format. PDF bootleg version? They are all copies of one and the same scan. Most of the articles published in the defunct "Sword and Sorcery" magazine don't even have scans, so it's all up to people who own certain issues to keep circulating them.
  • No Export for You: There in no other language version than Polish and MAG Publishing House left the tabletop RPG market in 2004, so chances are really low for any export.
  • The Wiki Rule: For both the novels and the game.
  • Word of Dante: Since the author has a rather Shrug of God-style attitude, many world-building details were filled out by the fandom, the tabletop game, and finally the video games. The world map is probably the best example, as no map has ever been included in the novels. Even then it's just one of several versions circulating in the fandom.

The Game Trilogy

  • Disowned Adaptation: Downplayed. Sapkowski has stated that while he respects CD Projekt RED's storytelling abilities, he doesn't consider the games to be canon.
  • What Could Have Been: There was a Witcher game in development from 1996-97, although it went nowhere and was unofficially cancelled.
    • The preview material for this project was the first time "Witcher" was used as an English translation of Wiedźmin, before the film went with "Hexer".