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Awesome: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • The Witcher 2's combat system is more action-packed and reflects the kind of combat in the first game's intro movie. The first game's combat system was an uneasy combination of real-time and turn-based, leaning towards real-time, but the second game's combat gave a much stronger sense of Geralt's agility and versatility. This makes a systemic moment of awesome that harkens to the very first experience anyone has with the first game.
  • Geralt's showdown with a young dragon on the roof of a burning castle tower. In the lore, even being near an angry dragon is tantamount to suicide. After a lengthy duel on the ground the Witcher latches onto the fire wyrm's neck with his steel sword and just manages to hold on throughout some aerial acrobatics, he then digs his trophy hook under Saesenthesis's eyelid for leverage - and pulls her into an uncontrollable spiraling loop; crashing her chest first into a jagged tree. Deciding to either spare Saskia, who is mind controlled, or putting her out of her misery is certainly going to play a big part in the Wild Hunt.
  • Foltestīs epic Rousing Speech at the start of the game:
    Foltest: Where the hell are we headed?!
    Nobles: To battle!
    Foltest: What the fuck do we want?!
    Nobles: Victory!
    Foltest: This I like!
  • A Meta moment: On 4chan's /v/ board, someone asked for help cracking the game... he was promptly told to "Fuck off and buy the damn game" multiple times, rewarding CD Projekt RED's faith that if they treat their customers with respect, they would get respect back.
    • Aside from this, the company also detailed that the game had been pirated... but oddly enough, the pirated copy was the copy with DRM, while the one without DRM was nowhere to be seen on torrents.
  • Another meta moment came when the Enhanced Edition for the Xbox 360 came out. What did CD Projekt RED do? Instead of charging those who previously bought the game on PC for the new content like Electronic Arts, Capcom, or Activision, they released every bit of new content (over 4 hours of new gameplay, as well as a soundtrack, interviews and concept art) all for free. If that doesn't win a consumer's respect for CD Projekt RED, I don't know what will.
    • They also give DRM-free copies to any customer who emails them with proof that they purchased it on Steam. There's really no reason they should do that, but they do anyway.
  • From the second game, at the end of both paths, if Geralt chose to save Triss from Nilfgaard's compound. He storms the place all on his own, and when his hostage, Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen, the Nilfgaard Ambassador, gets shot and killed by his own, and Geralt is faced by the very elite of Imperial soldiers, he gives us this one very awesome line.
    Geralt: And now, you will all have to die.
    • Alternatively, storming the Kaedweni camp alongside Roche. Or not storming it, and realising that Roche did almost as well without your help as he would have with.
  • The first time you do a Group Finisher - your jaw will drop from how bloody awesome it is.
  • Roche's Big Damn Heroes moment in Henselt's camp. In Iorveth's path.
  • The end of Chapter 2 on the Iorveth path is this as a whole. Oil gets poured on the Kaedweni soldiers, Geralt and company put up a spirited defense on the walls, a pair of trolls potentially join in on the action, and Saskia reveals her true form to Geralt while saving his life. And just when things are about to get hairy, Iorveth arrives in a glorious Big Damn Heroes moment. In the end, a small ragtag rebel army consisting of untrained peasants, a handful of knights, some dwarven civilians, and Scoia'tael archers manage to beat the army of the most powerful northern kingdom which has them outnumbered 5 to 1. Henselt's humiliation is the cherry on top.
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