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Awesome: Critikal
  • It took him 4 attempts, but he finally made it to Oregon.
  • In Outlast, you play as a defenseless journalist pursued by a gigantic asylum inmate strong enough to rip your head off with his bare hands. Logically, most players run or hide when confronted by him. But not Critikal: not only does he actively try to provoke and taunt him, but he actually manages to get away safely!
  • Donkey Kong's mad dance skills in "Nintendo 64 Corruptions".
    Critikal: Oh fuck! Oh my goodness; Donkey Kong is giving us the serving treatment right now! Holy shit! I feel like Donkey Kong just shaved my asscheeks with those moves.
    • Tiny also gets in on the action:
    Critikal: Just look at those feet, look at that fancy feet! Look at that shit! Look at that fancy feet; you find me feet like that and I'll tell you you've found a damn good pair of feet!
  • Youtube Bullshit, where he gives a comprehensive and humorous explanation about why the integration of YouTube and Google+ are not good ideas.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: His improvised song in the Scary Deer commentary.
  • Killing multiple heavily armed opponents with his bare hands in Dark Souls 2 PVP.
  • A minor case, but in More Messages, Critikal reveals that he finally managed to get a small voice acting role in Tropico 5 (Becoming a voice actor is his dream job).
  • Five Nights at Freddy's scares the crap out of most of its Let's Players. It bores Critikal so much that he starts telling a story about his past to keep himself amused. This man is impossible to scare.
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