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Heartwarming: Critikal
  • Perhaps the only thing that comes close to a CMOH is Critikal's videos detailing his interest in producing videos for the fun of it and not wanting any money from them. He follows up multiple times explaining how he's donating the money to charity and even goes so far as to try to take screencaps of the revenue he's made and is donating to the charities-YouTube, however, informed him that he isn't permitted, and so the viewer is left to take his word for it. Given his persistence, there's little reason to doubt him.
    • He has a twitter account he uses to post pictures of confirmed charity donations. This man strives to be a good example of humanity, and no silly youtube rule is going to stop him!
  • A minor one but in the games with morality spectrums, he's seen as choosing the good side.
  • In his "Thank You" video, he says his ultimate goal is to end corruption.
  • In the Silent Hills playable teaser, when he hears that a pregnant woman was shot, he wanted to know if the baby survived.
  • In the "Holy Shit" video, after reaching 1,000,000 subscribers, he reveals that over the last two years 50,000 dollars have been collectively raised for charity, and then goes on to talk about himself. He's very humble, and it's absolutely adorkable.
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