And I Must Scream / SCP Foundation

And I Must Scream is a very common situation for the really unlucky to get trapped in, in the world of the SCP Foundation. Here are some of the many examples:
  • SCP-138, The Ever-Living Man. A severely decayed, hideously decrepit man who is at least 4000 years old, with dozens of unhealed mortal wounds all over his body, who for some reason cannot die... no matter how much he wants to. The Foundation are trying to euthanize him, but so far, their attempts have been ineffective.
  • SCP-231-7 also has to be restrained at all times, and attended by doctors who haven't taken the Hippocratic Oath. Once a day, she has to be subjected to Procedure 110-Montauk, which is so horrible that most of the details are classified, or else she gives birth to something that will possibly end the world. Worse, the psychological trauma appears to be an important part of the process; after every fourth procedure, they erase her memory of the whole shebang so that she doesn't get used to it.
  • SCP-256 is apparently a woman trapped inside a modified typewriter. She must and does scream in a way (the machine can't write, and the electric charge it emits is similar to a voice - getting intenser when "it's in pain").
  • SCP-267 is a subspecies of naked mole rat that feeds on tumors. They acquire these by using poison to paralyze prey, then dragging them down to their burrows. There, they chew off its limbs and use carcinogenic venom to cause it to grow tumors, which are bitten off and eaten. They keep the larder creature there until it dies, which is why they prefer humans; they can last for decades.
  • Anyone who's turned inside-out by SCP-309's effect cannot be changed back and are left in constant pain. Fortunately, some of them actually die.
  • Victims of SCP-318 are imprisoned within paper scrolls, and they can only see and communicate with the outside world when unrolled (and the Foundation doesn't do that often.) If the paper is damaged enough, they stop responding... but it's unknown if they die, or just lose their only connection with the world.
  • Each of the band members of SCP-332 seem to be aware of their surroundings, but something unseen controls their movement, making them stand still like a statue until they all play in unison, trampling over anyone nearby. For nearly 40 years, they have been in physical stasis, not aging, nor taking any wear and tear by standing in the same spot, and now the SCP Foundation has placed a tall concrete barrier around them. The agents, for some reason, chose to confiscate the whole band, members and all, rather than the instruments, which were hinted to be the source of that controlling force.
  • SCP-373 allows one to talk to people who, apparently, are imprisoned in a black void where they perceive nothing but the voice of whoever is talking to them. Though it might all be a hoax on part of SCP-373.
  • SCP-439 is a parasite that causes Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), which is mentioned under Real Life, and then turns the body into a hive. The Foundation stopped testing it when they discovered that the victim apparently remains conscious through all this.
  • According to the author, the main point behind SCP-135 is this and Who Wants to Live Forever?.
  • SCP-451 believes himself to be in this situation; he even goes as far as to reference the Trope Namer after finding it on someone's bookshelf.
  • SCP-515 has to be restrained to the point of nigh-immobility, with his limb bones broken for good measure, because whenever 515 moves, a cluster of asteroids comes closer to Earth. The faster he moves (or, formerly, she, but the first 515 died and the current one popped up to replace her), the faster the rocks move.
  • Anyone who looks at SCP-531 when the statue is not looking at another of its own kind will undergo a slow and painful transformation into another SCP-531. Once complete, their soul is forever trapped in the statue.
  • The physically-invulnerable SCP-723-D's initial fate; sealed within a massive block of concrete. Given how badly written he was, though, it wasn't undeserved. He did manage to escape one last time, but the two thankless personnel tasked with his decommission killed him by complete accident, after SCP-723 fell victim to a previously unknown peanut allergy while the three were getting drunk at a local bar. They then put SCP-723's body back in the concrete. Just to be safe.
  • SCP-747 is a group of ghostly children in animal masks that dance around any subject they take interest in, turning that subject into a doll over a period of time. During that period, the subject loses all five major senses until final transformation and it is implied that the dolls are still conscious.
  • SCP-762 is an iron maiden that gives anyone inside of it a Healing Factor and immortality until they are released, but puts sharp spikes through their body. When it was recovered, it contained someone who was probably stuck inside for centuries.
  • SCP-835. Read the uncensored logs.
  • Anyone who touches SCP-911 ends up floating in an infinite featureless void, unless they manage to escape through a portal that only opens rarely for a few seconds.
  • SCP-1922 reanimates an hour after dying of natural causes. During this period, he claims his consciousness is transferred to a human locus filled with body parts and waits there until he reanimates. His continuing peripheral vascular disease is making his limbs gangrenous and require amputation. He slowly went insane, screaming every time he reanimates now, and his requests to cremate his body are denied.
  • Played straight and then heartwarmingly subverted with SCP-2265-A; unlike his companion, 2265-A was completely aware of his surroundings, and nearly went insane. However, he managed to adapt and even accept his condition. Even more so when the anomaly stopped.
  • The five, possibly six people melded with SCP-2535's HP printers. Played with for one of them:
    Wang is conscious but unable to respond coherently due to his near-constant screaming.
  • Anyone who is locked inside SCP-2701 will be trapped in a state of complete sensory deprivation while remaining fully conscious, essentially living in a void until reaching their release date. Even worse, the subject will also perceive time a lot slower (a few minutes in the real world translates into weeks).
  • SCP-2718 is the afterlife, where a consciousness experiences nothing but their decaying physical body's pains, is essentially this for everyone, forever.
  • Poor Researcher Talloran gets this in SCP-3999, where he singlehandedly combats a Reality Warper entity obsessed with Cruel And Unusual Deaths that always brings Talloran back to life. Talloran fights this thing for millions of years, it's stated, and still doesn't quit. He gets out of it by dying, thankfully, but it included such tortures as being melted and suggesting that Talloran's sister be raped.
  • This tale uses the Trope Namer's source material, wherein the protagonist becomes SCP-173 (and AM becomes SCP-682).
  • Subverted with SCP-1520, a centuries old Japanese monk. He exists in a state as essentially a living mummy, a fate that would drive most people completely insane, but he did it to himself on purpose as part of a sokushinbutsu ritual, a form of ritualistic suicide to achieve Nirvana. SCP-1520 has been in this state since the 16th century, and hasn't particularly suffered for it, other than mild disappointment that he has not achieved enlightenment.
  • SCP-3001, where a reality-stabilizing device ends up transporting Dr. Robert Scranton to an endless black void. Because the place has a low Hume field, he doesn't die, instead forced to endure six years of slowly losing his mind, believing the device to be a sentient being he calls "Red." At the end of the story, the device makes it out, along with what's left of Robert which has melted during the restabilization. The article's author later clarified that not all of Robert made it out, and if he is still alive, there's almost nothing left to save.