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Adored By The Network: Western Animation

  • Hello, South Park! Not only is it one of (if not still) the most dominating show on Comedy Central, but for a time, it was also right beside South Park on TBS for marathon/back to back showings (four episodes in a row!) weekday and weeknight.
    • CC later dialed back this practice in favor of a similar obsession with Futurama once they picked it up.
  • Phineas and Ferb was this for Disney Channel from 2009 to 2012, due to the fact that it has performed well over expectations and had gained a massive fanbase. It's gotten to the point where Disney compared Phineas and Ferb to Sponge Bob Square Pants.
    • It seems that as of 2013, this treatment has long died down.
    • As of spring 2014, Disney XD in the UK still adores the show enough to run two hours' worth of episodes twice every day, run special seasons like "Dr. Doof's Worst Inators", and to promote new episodes heavily as a lead in to the UK premiere of Wander over Yonder.
  • The Canadian expy of Cartoon Network; Teletoon literally airs THREE episodes of Johnny Test! In a row! Every. Single. Day. (It seems they've also now replaced The Spectacular Spider Man as a result''... You Can Panic Now.)
  • In Brazil, Disney XD loves The Fairly OddParents. Nickelodeon airs it as well... but Nick shows it twice Monday-Friday; XD, 4 times every day!
  • Not even Italian networks are safe. Rai Gulp, born after the three main division of the national networks Rai dropped animation almost entirelynote  and therefore dedicating its own entire schedule to fill in the blank, is partially guilty of this. Said schedule is made of shows that air at multiple times within the same day, but get removed from rotation after a whilenote . Some of these shows got properly screwednote , while others (some of which actually produced by Rai, as a pre-airing Vanity Plate for them reads "RAI FICTION CARTOONS") are lucky enough to not only get re-airings before their temporary drop from the schedule, but get picked up again more often. However, the shining example is the Matt & Manson cartoon series, which has been removed from rotation only after a long while. Nowadays Rai Gulp could change its name to Rai Winx.
  • The Latin American Expy of Cartoon Network; there was a time where the only thing they aired was The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, ˇMucha Lucha!, and Ben 10, over and over and over again, for at least two months.
  • The now defunct Discovery Kids network, for its last few years essentially was Kenny The Shark and Tutenstein with the occasional Time Warp Trio and Prehistoric Planet.
  • The Discovery Kids network replacement, The Hub, while having a more balanced schedule than certain other networks, seems to be quite fond of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Transformers Prime. Considering the popularity of these shows, it might not be such a bad idea.
    • On the subject of shows without a huge fanbase, most of the network's time not spent on ponies or Transformers is instead spent on Game Shows.
    • Now, The Hub seems to adore Animaniacs, airing promos for the show during every program on the network (even during Animaniacs itself!), and in addition to the Christmas marathon, they ran a two-hour one for Martin Luther King Day (along with The Super Hero Squad Show) and a two and a half-hour one for Super Bowl weekend. Normally, the show airs for three hours on weekdays.
  • For those with small children - Caillou on the Sprout network. These are shown in 3-episode blocks 15 minutes in length, and only the first three seasons. This means there are only 25 blocks. Two blocks are shown in the morning, one in the evening (repeated 3 times in the overnight segment), and a full hour is shown from 1-2PM (3 blocks with commercials in between). This means Caillou is shown 9 times a day. There is a 100% turnover of episodes TWICE A WEEK.
  • Gravity Falls and Wander over Yonder seems to be Disney XD's favorites as of August 2014, after they both got Screwed by the Network by Disney Channel. They both are the most promoted shows on the network and air at least twice a day (sometimes having marathons). Something Disney Channel didn't do.
    • The former even got a weekend-long marathon in July 2014, showing nothing but the same 20 episodes, with a few repeating over and over again, leading up to the second season premiere.
  • Willa's Wild Life and The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog are adored by qubo's digital channel.
    • As of 2014 it now seems to be Sally Bollywood and Famous Five: On the Case. To wit; both shows air three times a day Monday through Friday (at 7/7:30 a.m., 6/6:30 p.m., and 9:30 p.m./9.00 p.m. respectively)note , and on Saturday & Sunday at 6/6:30 Oh, and unlike before, where they'd air one episode then rerun it at a later time, it's three different episodes each day. This isn't so bad for Sally, who has 52 episodes, but Famous Five only has half of that, meaning they blow through the whole series in about a week and a half.
      • As of October 2014, it's now Raggs. Considering that the show has nearly 100 episodes, it's not bad.
  • Before it got changed to Disney XD, Toon Disney would air a marathon called Pumbaa Bowl every year. They aired episodes of Timon & Pumbaa for the whole day.
  • Toon Disney once aired a whole day-long marathon of Yin Yang Yo that consisted of the same few episodes being played over and over, the entire day.
  • For the USA Disney Junior channel, it appears to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Not bad considering that the show is very popular with the channel's target demographic! They also seem to like the new show Doc McStuffins.
    • They also seem to adore Jake And The Neverland Pirates as well as the short-form series ''Minnie's Bow-Toons'.
    • The UK channel seems to adore Sofia the First, and like airing the short-form series Nina Needs To Go! five times a day. The latter example is no surprise, as it was produced by Disney's United Kingdom branch. They also seem to play Curious George every two hours.
    • Any Disney Junior network, regardless of country, will adore the short form series "The Doc Files"
    • Not counting Disney Junior originals, the Japanese network loves playing Mouk and Fun With Claude.
  • The whole time Cookie Jar TV was on CBS, only one show stayed on it's lineup for a long time, Busytown Mysteries. They aired it for one hour every Saturday.
  • ABC loved Recess, to the point where it was usually shown twice every week. Not that anyone minded; the show was very popular. Plus, Toon Disney would frequently show marathons of the show (Disney Channel would just show it twice a day) until 2007, when the show was moved up to 9:30 AM every weekday...when the target audience was in school. It remained like this even after the switch to Disney XD in 2009, and was removed in 2010 (and was briefly revived in 2011).
  • CBS adored Garfield and Friends back at the height of its popularity. After the first season, they showed it for an hour until it was finally cancelled in 1995. Actually, they originally were planning future seasons, but CBS wanted to pay less and less money. It managed to run a year longer than Muppet Babies, the previously Adored by the Network show.
    • When Teletoon Retro got the rights to Garfield and Friends, they showed it 3 times every Monday through Thursday. As of 2014, the show airs 6 times a day on weekdays.
      • Teletoon even held a marathon of the show on September 1, 2012, where they showed six episodes back to back from 3:00PM to 6:00PM.
    • The Latin American Tooncast channel also shows Garfield and Friends for an hour each day like Nick used to do. Also, just like InuYasha is for [adult swim], Garfield and Friends is one of Tooncast's network staples, as it has been airing since 2005. If you count its run on Cartoon Network, where it transferred from, that means it was actually aired for 20 years altogether in Latin America. Due to this, it's not going anywhere soon.
    • Junior aired the show twice a day ever since it launched until the summer of 2013, when Maya the Bee took its' timeslot.
  • The Swedish version of Jetix and Totally Spies!. They literally had a programming block called "Totally Jetix": Only Totally Spies, all day, every day.
  • Brazilian station Record has been infamous lately for repeat broadcasts of Woody Woodpecker, mostly at night preceding the news. (Everybody Hates Chris is on the same condition.)
  • Boomerang just loves Chowder, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, The Garfield Show, What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Tom and Jerry as of June 2014. All four of them air 6-8 times a day, the former two only has 49 and 52 half hour episodes, respectively.
  • Polish station MiniMini recently started broadcasting My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes of both Season 1 and 2 everyday, which amounts to 4 episodes per day from December 2012 to March 2013 (decreased to 3 episodes per day from mid-March 2013 to June 2013 and again to 2 episodes per day from June 2013.).
  • The AFN Family channel adores Dragon and Team Umizoomi.
  • This is common in Spanish kids channels. As they have to broadcast a minimum quantity of European content, they usually fulfill this quota with midnight broadcasts of the same shows over and over.
  • As the page quote indicates, King of the Hill was very popular on FX prior to the syndication rights lapsing. Marathons were common during the early/mid-'00s even without a holiday or other justification.
  • NBC had this problem with The Smurfs during the 80s, where it was run in 90-minute blocks during its heyday. Nevertheless, it was a huge ratings grab for the network, and it topped even some of the network's primetime shows.
  • Australian network GO! used to adore Animaniacs, to the point where the Tamagotchi! dub and even Johnny Test were canned for it! It also aired twice in the morning, noon and night.
  • Aside from its' original programming, NHK in Japan really loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Shaun the Sheep.
  • Back when The Magic Adventures Of Mumfie first aired, ANY network that aired it would treat it like a precious gem and make sure they aired it for a very long time or promoted it a lot. Here are a few examples:
    • ITV loved promoting this show alongside Astro Farm and featured it in all it's combined shows promos.
    • Fox held onto the Mumfie license for FIVE YEARS across their networks. It got to the point where the normal Mumfie show on GirlzChannel competed with the Mumfie segments on Storytime with Thomas!
    • Nick Jr. UK ran it for nearly five years twice a day.
    • KiKa in Germany broadcast Mumfie twice a day and had it for twelve years. It was also one of their highest-rated programs.
    • In Japan, NHK showed it occasionally after it's initial run up until Kids Station got the rights and lost them in 2001.
    • The Norwegian broadcaster of Mumfie is a very special case-much like the Italia 1 Dragon Ball example in the Anime and Manga section of this trope, the show almost never took a break from airing, and has been on-going for eighteen years. As of late October, they've begun airing the second season again after one of those short breaks.
  • American Public Television has had the rights to Zula Patrol for ten years now, and it seems as if they won't let go of it.
    • Along with Wunderkund Little Amadeus, though that show's younger.
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