One of the lead characters from the hit TV show Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers, Sue plays the standard role of The Big Guy in the heroes' Five-Man Band. As such, she occasionally makes use of a 45-pound dumbbell while fighting the forces of darkness.

Over time, Sue's bodybuilding has paid off in Super Strength, evidenced as early as the Season 2 pilot London Falling. This skill has since proven especially helpful in close combat in episodes such as Through A Glass Nerdly, Friday Lite Brites, and The Homeland.

Still, do not confuse her with the Silent Partner, since she makes her point of view known every-so-often, if for purely practical reasons. While it has been hinted that Sue has a secret crush for her fellow Bender Nerdly, this has almost never been substantiated with the exception of the Season 2 episode Through A Glass Nerdly and the Season 3 episode Revelations.

Overall, Sue has appeared in every episode involving the Benders as a team. While generally unused in Fanservice, she enjoys a significant level of visibility and maintains minor popularity.
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