AATAFOVS / Avatar Gets Sued By George Lucas

Season 1, Episode 6. Comes after Bad Day At Rambo Rock, followed by A Magmanic Confrontation.

The Gang are back in their base recuperating after their last adventure. Solo is watching TV when suddenly a message from Udite appears on screen telling them to go to the Story Gate immediately. The television promptly explodes making Solo explode in a fit of rage.

They go through the Story Gate and wind up on Endor, meet Chubaka and the Ewoks and save their village from a giant spice worm. Nerdly falls in love with the Ewok princess Nartek, much to the disgust of Cleo, who was just coming round to the idea that an alcoholic boyfriend wasn't worth it and that intelligence counts for something. Now she just thinks he is a pervert.

To his great disappointment, Avatar never gets a lightsaber. Fluffykins manages to use the Force.

In The Press: Despite knowing they would be sued for the gratuitous use of LucasArts property in this episode (the episode title was cited in court as proof they knew these properties were not covered by fair use), the producers somehow won their case, and LucasArts were forced to pay them for damages. Analysts have put this down to the large amount of money the judge received just before the end of the trial.