AATAFOVS / Bad Day At Rambo Rock

Season 1, Episode 5. Preceded by Ring Rats. Followed by Avatar Gets Sued By George Lucas.

In a previous Gate, Solo has acquired some LSD and a chain gun. He is dumped into the main street of Deadwood, seriously "peaking".

He spends the majority of the episode sending nearly-solid streams of hot molten lead at his various hallucinations.

An ominous Presence attempts to force Cleo and Sue to make a choice between being a whore, being a drug-addicted wife, or some combination of either, but Lesbian. Sue whacks the Presence on the head with her dumbbell. The slow-mo of individual specks of gray matter hitting the wallpaper after her blow are inter-cut with shots of individual shell-casing being ejected from the breech of Solo's chain gun.

Critics uniformly agree that that they have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but that the imagery is somehow significant.

Avatar joins Bullock on Main Street to have a face-off on who has the larger stick up their six. Bullock wins, but only because Avatar has to duck, when a nearly-solid stream of hot molten lead is directed near him by Solo.

Nerdly, the Russian Dude, the Editor and Hearst all commiserate on what it is like to mingle with the unfocused.

Swearingen stands on his balcony, watches all, and laughs.

Roll credits.