AATAFOVS / A Magmanic Confrontation

Season 1, Episode 7. Comes after Avatar Gets Sued By George Lucas, followed by Time To Vamp Bend.

The Vamp benders take one look behind them at the Ewok village, Nerdly has a tear in his eye as he waves goodbye to Nartek and his child.

When the Gang walk through the recently repaired Story Gate there is a red flash and instead of ending up back at the lair they are trapped in the nexus... again.

Avatar Leeroy is there with his dark Story Gate controller. With a smile and a flick of his wrist, he sends The Vamp Benders to the Jurassic period.

At first scared, Sue realizes that she can arm wrestle a dinosaur and calms down. Solo spends most of the episode asking if anyone has a drink, while Cleo hangs on to him and scowls at Nerdly when he suggests that they could ferment some plants.

Avatar, annoyed at his failure runs off and sulks. He is eventually coaxed out by an alien being called Ceranos who reveals that Avatar doesn't need his Story Gate controller to take them back, all he needs to do is believe in his power and the Story Gate will come to him. He also reveals that this isn't the Jurassic period, it is several millennia in the future. They are just stuck in a nature preserve.

Avatar's returns to the camp to tell relate Ceranos' news, only to find the Vamp Benders under attack by a massive dinosaur. They have also been surrounded neatly by the magma flow from a recently erupted volcano. Fluffykins is in snake form, has gone berserk, and is constricting Solo. Avatar does the only thing he can — he uses all his power to summon a new Story Gate and all of them, including the dinosaur, are sucked in.