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AATAFOVS / Time To Vamp Bend

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Season 1, Episonde 8. Comes after A Magmanic Confrontation, followed by Win Frankensteins Money.

Crash-landing out of the Story Gate, Avatar finds himself underneath Cleo, his face crushed between her breasts. They realize, after an awkward moment, that the other Benders and the dinosaur that came through the gate with them are nowhere to be seen.

They are locked in some form of basement and are trapped. After a few hours of soul searching and talking, Avatar manages to make a bazooka out of the bottle cap collection and wire that were in the basement. Much to Cleo's dismay, as she was just about to kiss him, Avatar blasts the door open and they escape into an old castle.


Title in Three hours earlier.

Nerdly, Sue and Fluffykins come out of the story gate in a medieval style village. Having been told to avoid the castle by three different people, Nerdly decides that the castle is probably where the others are. Sue spends the whole time trying to tell Nerdly how she feels, to no avail, as every time she begins someone comes in with new warnings about the castle and the mysterious Count Alucardiff who lives there. Finally, they make it to the door of the castle. They hear an explosion.

Title in Three hours earlier.

Solo lands in a forest, being pursued out of the Gate by a T-Rex. He is cursing his brother's inability to send him to somewhere with alcohol and hot chicks. He runs an impressive parkour action scene that ends at a cliff. He turns and faces the Rex shouting "Fine, just try and eat me dino breath!" The Rex looms closer ...


Title in Two hours later:

Split screen: On one side we see Nerdly and Sue, on the other, Avatar and Cleo - Both groups are walking towards similar doors that open as they near. As they walk through the doors they bang into each other and the scenes merge.

A single clap echo's through the hall. The four sit on the ground, seeing a pale man in a regal robe on a throne. He mocks the name "Vamp Benders" and warns that "Now you wankers face a real bloody vampire." The group immediately panic. Cleo pushes Avatar forward saying he chose the name for their group. Avatar declares he thought it sounded cool, and that he knows nothing about real vampires.

Alucardiff laughs and jumps at Avatar! Before he can reach him, there is a crash. A T-Rex being ridden by Solo comes through the wall. Solo is carrying a keg. He makes a quip about being just in time. Alucardiff flees while they are distracted.


The group now reassempled, they create a new Story Gate and go home, leaving the Rex to terrorize the people of the castle, now left without a leader.

Fan Reaction

The episode was criticized for Cleo's out of character signs of attraction to Avatar and the relatively minor roles played by Fluffykins. These concerns were addressed by staff who said the actor playing Fluffykins was ill and needed most of the shoot off and the Cleo bit was a bet to see if the fans would be pissed off. Steve won the pool saying that complaints would arrive before the actual airing of the episode.


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