AATAFOVS / The Days Of Knight

Season 2, Episode 12. Preceded by Mojave Blues, followed by Birth Of A Dark Star.

After popping through a story gate, the episode starts out with the gang investigating a murder at a generic local university that has never been mentioned on the show before despite seeming to take up a huge chunk of real estate. They find that a certain Professor Liveerup was killed by by apparently being stabbed to death with hypodermic needles and work of his was stolen. Further investigation suggest some sort of deep dark secret being hidden amongst the staff of the university. Act one ends with a TA about to explain said conspiracy to the gang, when suddenly a group of Caribbean-accented men armed with hypodermic needles wearing bright pink camouflage burst in and kill the poor TA right before he can burst the conspiracy asunder.

Act two begins with the gang being captured by the men, who introduce themselves as the Gay Haitian Needle-Drug Yakuza, the group behind AIDS and their next major project, "Super-AIDS." Instead of being killed the gang is taken to the GHNDYs lair where for no particular reason they explain to the gang that Professor Liveerup was killed because he was about to blow the whistle on The Brotherhood of the Cold Sun, a group dedicated to perpetuating the myth of global warming. After the GHNDY finish explaining their plan the gang escapes but act two ends with a muscular hairy man blocking the exit from the building holding a strange looking gun.

Act three begins with the strange-looking man pointing what he describes as his "assault musket" at the gang and introducing himself (in an Irish accent) as Thag son of Larg Subdeacon of The Brotherhood of the Cold Sun (though his name tag says Thag McLarg). He reveals that he is one of the Cro-Magnons who founded TBotCS to perpetuate the myth of global warming in order to bring about a new ice age so the Cro-Magnons can wrest back control of planet earth from all the filthy sapiens. The gang escape by distracting him with some simple agricultural techniques that blow Subdeacon McLarg's mind and precede to blow up the GHNDY/TBotCs base before escaping. Subdeacon McLarg escapes on a very convenient helicopter, as the base is destroyed by expensive looking explosions in the background, he receives a mysterious phone call and the episode ends with him saying "Everything is going according to plan Lord Blødmaw, they fell for everything. When the days of night start the House of The 1000 Year Night will once again rule."
  • Overall the episode consists of about 5 minutes of the gang investigating conspiracies and 39 minutes of the various conspiracies being explained to them by various people, often unprompted.
  • This episode is often described as somewhat strange comparatively, most fans chalk this up to it being written, directed, edited, and the score written by the mistress of the Finnish owner of the production company.