AATAFOVS / Krystal

Krystal is the newest member of the Five-Man Band on Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers. Yes, she is a Cat Girl. However, she does not follow the classic model. While there are the standard ears and sharp claws, there are no Cute Little Fangs, or a tail for that matter. When questioned, one of the writers gave the following answer:

Writer: A tail? You people wanted a tail!?! You sick, sick people! Go get help! Who knows what warped, male fantasies you had involving a tail. You think just because the show is made by a bunch of guys, it would have girls with tails? Wasn't the Spy Catsuit enough for you? Be satisfied, or else we'll kill off all the characters just to put an end to this #&^@ ... The remainder of the quote is composed of several lines of cursing on the part of the writer, and has been censored by concerned individuals.

Act normally or you will have your eyes removed.

Hints of a possible romantic relationship between Avatar and Krystal were dropped in the Season 3 episode Noisy Valley. Some also believe that a hint was dropped in Revelations, but when confronted with the three conflicting viewpoints about the supposed evidence, the writers simply offered a fourth option. For the most part, though, she keeps her cool around him fairly well, except when Persona is around.