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The hit TV series Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers revolves around a Five-Man Band of teenagers who are constantly fighting the forces of darkness that seek to conquer the multiverse. With over 3 seasons (over 43 episodes), a dozen books, and many comics and other media, the series has involved a considerable cast of characters.
Changes in series cast description This was the description through the end of Season 2:
Hero      Avatar McPotter Leader, painfully earnest young man with an amazing ability to construct useful tools out of nothing but bottle caps and baling wire
Lancer      Solo McPotter Avatar's older brother, the one with the rap-sheet and the alcohol issues.
Big Guy      Sue Female body-builder whose primary weapon is a 45-pound dumbbell used to whack things. Has a "thing" for Nerdly.
Smart Guy      Nerdly Always has the correct solution for the situation, can never sell it to Avatar or Solo. Terrified of Sue. Has a "thing" for Cleo.
Chick      Cleo Has a "thing" for Solo, when he is sober, which isn't often. Life has been a long series of one wardrobe failure after another for Cleo.
Pet      Fluffykins Sue's pet kitten. Briefly joined the Dark Council while she was Not Herself, though she eventually got better. Can turn into a giant snake, but this never helps.

And here is the current version, edited in view of what was and wasn't covered early in the series:
Hero      Avatar McPotter Leader, clever young man with an amazing ability to construct almost anything out of basic equipment.
Lancer      Solo McPotter Avatar's older brother, working to defeat an old drug habit.
Big Guy      Sue Super-strong body-builder able to break through walls and tell the others to just get on with it.
Smart Guy      Nerdly An increasingly plot-savvy individual with huge stores of important knowledge.
Chick      Krystal A tail-less, genetically-modified "catgirl" who recently joined the team after Cleo developed psychic powers and joined the Dark Council
Pet      Fluffykins Sue's pet kitten. Can transform into various reptilian forms (which have advanced from snake to small dragon), talks, and has psychic abilities most fans would kill for.

The Cast
  • Mr. Edwin Rupert Udite: The Benders' mentor, a retired English scientist with a long white beard who mysteriously disappeared, wheelchair and all, several years ago. Every week he sends them self-destructing cryptic messages which inevitably lead to the gang getting tangled up in the Dark Council's latest plot.
  • Avatar
  • Solo
  • Sue
  • Nerdly
  • Cleo
  • Fluffykins
  • Krystal
  • Evil Dramatis Personae
  • Miss X: An anonymous figure who made her (the writers confirmed she was female) first appearance by message. From what little we know of Broken Time, rather than the usual cryptic message from Udite, Miss X sends the Benders her own cryptic message that's so confusing, not even Nerdly can decipher it. Her true identity remains unknown, though fan theories abound (especially ever since the reveal of her sihouette).