AATAFOVS / Omen From The Future

Season 2, Episode 9. Preceded by Idol Hands, followed by Friday Lite Brites. See the comic arc, Issues 83-88.

Editorial note It should be noted that according to some reports, there is no episode called "Omen From The Future". The official guide gives it nothing more than a passing mention, and available TV listings for the show either list the episode as cancelled or skip to the next episode. The episode is not available on the DVD releases.

However, recordings of Idol Hands show the "next episode" trailer, which is as follows:

(dark polluted streets, faintly reminiscent of The Future Is Now)
(cut to swirly sky- maelstrom thing)
Voiceover (speculated to be Roland): The question is, can we change the future that's already happened?
(cut to a mushroom growing from a dark vine, wrapped around a rusted car)
Cleo: Even in the darkest hour, there is still life.
Avatar: What is it?
(cut to Avatar and Udite, lit only by a match, looking up)
Udite: An omen.

Discussion of this episode is rife with fan speculation, both about what happens in the episode and why it hasn't been shown. Common theories include a scene acting as a visual basilisk and sending people insane, actor laryngitis outbreak, and perceived anti-semitism.