Liveblog Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Pannic Reads Stuff He Hates
by Pannic
Our Hero4
Hat Accent7
The Search for Prissy Whine9
So it's like that opening level on Battlefield 3?3
Huh. Actual feels.
Back to Boredom2
An Interlude For Murder2
And back up to speed3
Dead Guy2
Other Stories!3
Back to the original thing8
Grimderp, Lesbian Jokes5
Twilight Romance and Crap
Probably Not
A Surprising Lack of Pornography
Two More Things1
And now to continue4
And Getting Longer1
Couldn't Bother
Not Much, Really3
Oh, Shut Up3
Plot Retreads
Resuming Our Regular Programming1
On comedy3
Two chapters!1
Actually Live7
I hope you like video game references2
Sexual Harassment Sleepover
I've Put this Off for Far Too Long
I'm Gonna Be Here A While11
Aaaaand Countdown8
Worst Brotherhood Ever8
So, Arbu7
So it's a preview of the next chapter, basically.3
Everyone's Getting Laid
Forgetting the Point3
TL;DR part 14
The Worst Possible Thing2
TL;DR part 26
TL;DR part 314
TL;DR part 4 (fin!)3
Pardon Me While I Have a Strange Interlude20
Toot Toot! All Aboard the Angst Train!4
Third Time's a Charm, right?2
I'm running out of snazzy titles3
Like Your Dumber, Unfunny Cousin2
Back in the Saddle1
Tears and General Angst. Four Times.3
I'm On Team Red Eye1
How Anti-Climactic10
Here We Go Again2
On the road with a kid. Oh boy.2
How Not to Do a Crossover2
Something Completely Different8
Diluting the Magic3
Not That Magical10
The Sue Goes North
Naked Sues3
Canon Defilement, Character By Character15
Lazier Than You!6
Anatomy of a Sue7
Not Lesbians. Really.3
Eleven Years Old, a Nudist, and a Budding Sociopath8
Character Development is Stupid4
A Neutral Mockery4
How to Write an Accent3
Truly, a Threatening and Imposing Villain5
The Hair Down There is Most Important3
Back to Horses5
Feature Box Funsies2
Feature Box Funsies part 23
All Aboard Again!13
Déjà Vu.14
Why is the Chapter Title and Header Aligned Left?10
Set Phasers to Moan26
Harry Twatter1
Harry Twatter pt 25
Change of Scene6
Moar Feature Box1
We Come Full Circle2
Raider Haters2
No Bioshock Jokes, Part I3
No Bioshock Jokes, Part 23
No Bioshock Jokes, part 35
Memories (From Memory... could've gone better)3
Why Do These Exist?2
Want to know how I got these scars? I bought them at Wal-Mart.5
After this I'm gonna huff some laughing gas.2
Payday... Wish I got Paid.4
Like meeting an old friend again. That you hate.2
I return from my coma. Back to the hippy nudists.10