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Table of Contents
Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
by ShieldOfDoom
Ye Olde Introduction1
Character List
Battlefield 1: Thieves' Stronghold (or: The Game's On Your Side for Once)
Mechanics Update 1, or: What the Heck's Going On?
Battlefield 2: Jaws of the Wolf, or: Do you want to know how wrong things can go because of a random chance? I sure didn't.1
Battlefield 3: West Orlando, or: The Game gets Serious4
Mechanics Update 2: Unions and Items1
Battlefield 4: East Orlando, or: I can't think of anything interesting to say here.
Interlude: Basic Classes
Battlefield 5: Lorca Lakeside, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Axe
Battlefield 6:Phelinas Lakeside, or: (almost) Exactly as Planned
Mechanics Update 3: All About Skills
Battlefield 7: Water Capital Elise, or: The Undine Arc Ends1
Battlefield 8: Black Rose Domain, or: The World's Least Villainous Necromancer2
Battlefield 9: White Rose Domain, or: RERUNS RERUNS RERUNS
Battlefield 10, Verlaine Hills, or: Bandits and MAD3
Battlefield 10 part 2: Operation Wilted Rose
Battlefield 11A: Black Rose Domain, or: Evil McEvilton was evil? I am shocked!1
Battlefield 12: Brigand Stronghold, or: Just Another Filler Level1
Battlefield 13: Lenessey Mountains, or: WALKING WALKING WALKING3
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