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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Mechanics Update 3: All About Skills
All right, since the next map introduces them, it's time to talk about skills.

Up to now we've used cards entirely for their movement and power, paying no attention to the skills they give you. This is because for some reason Sting thought the idea was too complicated for new players, then forgot to cater to people who've played the game before.

Now, skills can be used under the following conditions:

Once those are fulfilled, you must have a full skill gauge. Then, and only then, may you actually use the skill.

There are two main types of skills, based on how they're activated.

Enemies will always use their skill once their Rage bar is completely full if they qualify to do so.

Now, there are plenty of skills, but most of them can be divided into three broad categories:

As a side note, if you use an elemental card against a unit that's weak to it, you'll do "fatal damage", instantly slaying every member of the unit except for the head. If the enemy is also down to just the head, it'll simply end the battle. The fatal damage effect will happen against enemies that are neutral to the element if you equip an item that boosts it, and using the skill against an enemy weak to the element in this state will do an "overkill", ending the battle instantly.

Now, here are the card skills I have access to at the moment:

There's all the cards I have at this point. I'll document new ones as I get them.

Rest assured, there are plenty more cards to get (though not all of them are worth using).
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