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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 13: Lenessey Mountains, or: WALKING WALKING WALKING
I really don't have anything interesting to say here this time, so let's just get right to the battle.

After defeating the Ortega Brigands, the Royal Army continued climbing the mountain.

The mountain path gradually became steeper, and to make matters worse, a scout returned bearing bad news: a large Imperial force was lying in wait further up the path.

Though they were not yet aware of the Royal Army's presence, if the Fantasinians were found on such a thin and narrow mountain path, there would be no escape...

Battlefield 13: Lenessey Mountains

(Enter a bunch of bandits.)

Reinforcements! -Help has arrived!-

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Roswell gets the Healing Herb for morale purposes, because he was running a bit low. Yggdra, meanwhile, eats the Upola Statue just to be on the safe side.

Durant and Roswell get the call for this map, specifically in that order.

I have to select 15 cards, so I take:

If you're wondering about the number of high movement cards, well...

All right, here we go. There are two Imperial divisions on the map, neither of which is very threatening. It's the leaders we've got to watch out for.

The division to the north is commanded by Aegina, who has a stupidly good 5 Tec. She's also got the Zolfy, a sword that gives her 1 on 1=win. Remember that Aegina's card is Revolution and you've got a recipe for disaster right there.

The south division is led by Baldus, who we haven't seen before. He's a Guardian Knight, which is a modified knight class that trades the forest disadvantage for Void Ailments. He's also statistically superior to my team, boasting 4 Gen and 4 Atk. The only saving grace is that his weapon, the Ipponki, stops him from using his skill.

Fortunately, I don't have to fight either of these foes. The enemies I need to worry about are comparatively weak bandits and assassins, along with a single fencer.

Anyway, Roswell's right next to the enemy, with Yggdra and nobody else in his union. I open with Shield Barrier to take advantage of this. Only one bandit falls, but the point was to make an opening for Yggdra to move into. I also take Durant out of her union.

Now, there are far more efficient ways to do this, but you might have noticed something. You see, for a long time Yggdra has been my worst character, unable to fight bosses without ruining my chances of getting their items.

I'm trying to get her an MVP bonus, which would then be savescummed into her Luk. Unfortunately, my plan leads to some losses against the enemy assassins, but my next turn goes significantly better. Both assassins are dead (to Yggdra and Durant) by the time the turn ends. Nothing to do about the losses Durant sustains, though.

My third turn involves using Bloody Claw to get Yggdra some bandit kills. This has the added bonus of giving her additional XP.

The enemy turn goes very well, because both the fencer and the bandit (the two remaining foes) lose to Yggdra. The fencer dies on the next turn, and the final bandit then commits suicide on Yggdra's sword.

All that's left now is to wait for the fog, which is due to arrive in a bit. Until then, I just get people in position. Yggdra, Milanor, and Durant get to the starting position, while Roswell moves east a bit for a reason you wouldn't guess without a guide.

Soon enough...

Deep Mist! -Reduced visibility!-

Strategy Succeeded! -A dense fog fell over the mountains!-

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Well, there's fog all over the place now. Thus begins the first of the game's really ill-conceived ideas: the movement-only map. I could reveal the Imperial troops by moving someone in front of their locations, but that's generally a bad idea. As I said, they're exceptionally powerful. I can't possibly defeat them.

Anyway, I start off with Steal, which is used to move Roswell to where the bandit leader was.

Dump Site: Check Point!

I also start moving everyone else toward the top of the map.

Now, I hope I don't have to tell you exactly what cards I used on each turn or where everyone moved, because that would be boring. I can, however, say that Yggdra visited a village on the second movement turn.

Lenessey Mine: Check Point!

Yggdra then moves a space east of the mine, in order to plunder another item.

Deep in the Mts.: Check Point!

Anyway, the next turn is interesting for a slightly different reason. You see, Roswell's still way back near the start of the map, and might be a liability. So, he breaks out his secret weapon: Warp movement. At night, necromancers teleport instead of moving normally. They can only move to even numbered tiles, but odd-numbered tiles can be anything up to and including empty space.

Yggdra also opens a path forward by ending her turn at the end of the path.

The last interesting thing on the map (save for a tile I'm not stepping on that would reveal Aegina's unit) is another village.

Spire Village: Check Point!

And with that, our next goal is unlocked.

Several boring movement turns later...

March On! -The Royal Army slipped through the fog!-

As expected, Yggdra wins MVP. It's kind of important that she get some Luk right now, so I savescum it. Fortunately for my sanity, it doesn't take very long (though the quick clear bonus will go to waste because I plan to boost it right away).

New items:

Soon enough, there will be nothing for Yggdra to worry about. Next time, we'll start on a PSP-only path.
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Does the sealed purse actually do anything?

Gnaish 3rd Oct 11
It certainly doesn't look like it.
AweStriker 3rd Oct 11
Are you going to continue this?I found it very interesting! 20th Mar 12
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