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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 9: White Rose Domain, or: RERUNS RERUNS RERUNS
Update time!

With the help of the Royal Army and the tremendous power of the Black Rose's prized Ankh, the White Rose-Imperial Army alliance was annihilated, and Rosary retreated to her home territory.

Sensing danger from the house of the White Rose's alliance with the Empire, the Royal Army headed for the White Rose Manor to seek the truth behind the war and convince Rosary to end the conflict.

However, dire news reached Rosary during her meeting with Yggdra. Under cover of darkness, Roswell, head of the house of the Black Rose, had begun an invasion of the White Rose Domain.

Battlefield 09: White Rose Domain

Near Mazetta Bridge: Check Point!

(Some time later...)

White Rose Manor: Check Point!

Last time I mentioned how named members of generic classes are (almost) all just palette swaps. This holds true for Rosary (who at least has a pointy hat in her art), who also has the Riviera-esque problem of her sprite using the wrong colours. Case in point: Her white hat is depicted as being mauve.

Summon! -Allies called forth!-

(Roswell arrives, with a force of skeletons...the only unit type worse than golems.)

Assault! -Under siege!-

Coupe Meadows: Check Point!

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Well, time to prepare! Yggdra eats a Medallion, Milanor takes two (the greedy bastard), and Durant doesn't equip anything to replace his now-expired Fur Coat because I can't think of anything to replace it with.

I'm given 8 cards to work with, so I take Steal, Bloody Claw, Shield Barrier, Banish (lots of holy-weak foes here), Revolution, Mind Change, Banshee's Cry, and Blizzard.

Near Mazetta Bridge: Check Point!

It's about time they shut up. Anyway, the gimmick here is that Rosary is using her golems, Destroyer and Doom, to break the two bridges on the map. Unfortunately, golems move at approximately five meters per hour, so I have to keep the skeletons from crossing the bridges. This would be difficult if they were not skeletons.

Anyway, Rosary uses the first turn to send her golems forward, after which I can move out. I choose Revolution, and...

Gee, thanks for explaining that right after I was finished, Milanor. Anyway, Yggdra moves up to a skeleton.

Not only will her blade work on them, but it'll prove quite perfectly suited to slaying them. I prove this by having her vanquish a skeleton in a single strike. Durant is there so he can claim to have helped.

To protect the other bridge, I send Milanor right up to the nearest skeleton.

I also move Nietzsche out of the way of the golems. I was going to do this awesome thing where Nietzsche would take a water tile and become invincible, but the game had to rain on my parade by putting another grass tile on the far side of the bridge.

On Roswell's turn, a skeleton dies on Milanor's axelike thingamajig. You'd think they'd learn at some point.

On my turn, I choose Shield Barrier because of a reason, then move Nietzsche to support Milanor in the slaying of the skeleton next to him. Turns out a critical hit works just as well, though.

Roswell then proceeds to send his one remaining skeleton to fight Yggdra and Durant. When the smoke clears, the battle's main loss condition can no longer be satisfied.

Then, right on cue...

Mobilize! -Time to move out!-

This time around, Mizer has some nice Ranger Boots for us. He also still fails formations, because he sends his bandit alone to face Yggdra and Durant. Durant loses, but it doesn't matter because I'm about to send Milanor after the man himself (also Durant leveled up). I use Steal, of course. I quickly find myself one pair of Ranger Boots richer, and Milanor wins again on Mizer's turn (after Roswell does nothing, of course).

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

On Rosary's turn, she finally gets a golem to one of the bridges. I won't dignify the golem's sacrifice with a transcription of its death quote, but Milanor determines that we shouldn't let any of the nonexistent remaining skeletons through the other way.

I then choose Banish for the purposes of getting some XP off of Roswell. Normally he'd be some sort of threat, but this card does holy damage, which Roswell is weak to. This allows anyone to gain a lead against him, giving us plenty of XP for our trouble.

The very next turn, Rosary gets the second bridge.

Defended! -Protected from the enemy!-

Strategy succeeded! -Prevented the skeletons' invasion!-


You're telling me that Roswell actually trusted Leon? Leon, who the game claims is horribly evil in every way? Leon, who couldn't be more blatantly evil if he had a nametag that said, "Hello, I am a BAD GUY"?

Furthermore, you're claiming that neither side of this war has noticed that they both have Imperial troops helping them?

Believe it or not, this isn't the dumbest thing to happen in this game.

(Leon's forces appear behind Roswell.)

Reinforcements! -Help has arrived!-

White Rose Forest: Check Point!

Victory condition:

The Empire arrives, bearing the Chariot card. This drops your unit's numbers to whatever the user's numbers are, and can only be used by knights.

Of course, Leon fails to utilize it effectively. Or maybe he thinks he's got linked unions already.

Anyway, on Rosary's turn...

Yes, Rosary has an ankh too. Not that it's all that surprising. Guess mutually assured destruction doesn't exist in this setting.

Anyway, Leon's not so tough. His item of choice is the Phalanx, which has a property that won't do anything to us until late chapter 4.

I choose Revolution to start my attack against Leon, moving Yggdra out of the union forever and subsequently striking Roswell down with Milanor, Nietzsche, and Durant. Actually, only Milanor fights, but whatever.

Withdraw! -Forced to retreat.-

I then have Yggdra take Roswell's old Gargoyle Rod to add to our fortune, before ducking back out of the fray.

Leon's forces suck, so they're only able to bring Nietzsche down whilst suffering a loss themselves. Leon himself then ruins a perfectly good formation from his assassins by charging up toward us.

Rosary's turn is next, and you know what that means?

Ankh Cannon! -Judgement of the gods.-

(Leon and his troops get Ankh'd.)

Well, I've got a bit of a dilemma. You see, I need to finish the fight on this turn (21, if anyone cares) for the quick clear bonus. This means I need to end Leon right now.

To do this, I pick Steal, then move Nietzsche so she'll attack later in the union. After taking the Phalanx, Leon will lose a point of Atk (2 versus 3).

Or not, because Milanor kills him with a critical hit on his attack 'cause that's just how he rolls. You could say that was a success.

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

Justice Prevailed! -Black Knight Leon was defeated!

I wouldn't say "defeated". I'd say "completely and utterly humbled".

Another MVP bonus for Milanor, who gains more Gen.

I then get Leon's Phalanx, plus his and Roswell's cards.

White Rose Manor: Check Point!


Near Coupe River: Check Point!

New Cards:

New items:

That wasn't exactly a challenge. Much of it stems from the fact that Leon happens to be the wimpiest Dragon General. Roswell, meanwhile, isn't fighting anyone against whom his night advantage will be of any help, because his rod already gives him the upper hand against the entire Royal Army (he also has a weakness, which doesn't bode well for his survival).

Really, the only threat on this map is the pair of generic assassins who have night advantage. And that truly is pathetic.
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