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Situation has Changed! Let's Play Yggdra Union!
Shield Of Doom

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Battlefield 12: Brigand Stronghold, or: Just Another Filler Level
All right, let's see if I remember how to do this.

Chapter 3: Paltina Blitzkrieg

After the battle at Verlaine Hills, the Royal Army decided it was time to reclaim the Kingdom's capital Paltina, via the loosely-guarded northern region of the Kingdom: Framm Granary.

To get there, they would first have to pass through the steep Lenessey Mountains, as well as the notorious Ortega Brigands' stronghold halfway up the slopes.

As the Royal Army ventured into the mountainous region, the brigands' pack stood squarely in front of them.

Battlefield 12: Brigand Stronghold

Victory condition:

Defeat condition:

Well then, let's get to work. Yggdra eats the Lucky Broom now because the only person who could use it is dead, and that actually does it for my preparations. I'm bringing Roswell and Nietzsche, bit the latter's only really here for one reason so I'm not going to bother healing her. I also want to keep Yggdra's item slot open for the moment.

Now, my eleven cards are as follows:

All right, time to go kill things. Ortega's men are all bandits, fencers, or assassins, so Yggdra shouldn't have trouble here (which is good, because she really needs some XP). The map's also almost all wasteland, so Milanor's overpowered as usual. The enemies are using Rockfall, but it won't help them much because only the assassins have the Tec to use it right.

There is one thing to take note of, though. This map introduces catapults, which bring down one member of the defending unit if the attacking unit includes one in their union. I can't take advantage of the one here because of its placement, but it is there.

Anyway, my usual opener applies here. I use Revolution to send Yggdra and Roswell right into the fray, and they reward me with a dead bandit and a heavily wounded fencer

My next action is to send Nietzsche into the nearby river, because there's something I want in it.

Handu River: Check Point!

I then end my turn, and the bandits attack. One manages to get a critical hit on Yggdra, but he does very little damage (also Roswell killed the fencer who attacked him).

My next turn opens with Yggdra killing the guy who criticaled her through application of Bloody Claw. Roswell and Milanor then move up.

The enemy turn involves a fencer and his bandit buddy fighting Yggdra's force. The fencer takes Yggdra down, then Roswell gets revenge for her by killing the bandit. Milanor also shows off his broken abilities, but the bandit Roswell killed was the enemy leader, so the force as a whole goes down.


Mobilize! -Time to move out!-

Mizer then moves up to Milanor. You'd think he'd learn to stay away from the guy after the last few times, but whatever.

Mizer won't get us this time, but he did manage to shock Milanor. I move Nietzsche to support him in his stealing endeavour, and also to gain some Mizer XP.

After they win (of course they win)...

Pull Back! -Time to regroup!-

And that's the last we'll be seeing of Mizer for some time now. I use the rest of my movement to get the Medallion off the dead bandit whilst moving Yggdra a bit closer to the action (she's slowed from the fencer attack).

My next turn is all movement, so I bring Necro Gate. I use it to get Milanor to a bandit lair behind the group we just killed.

Brigand Village: Check Point!

After that, I move Yggdra and Roswell, get Milanor slightly closer to the action, and end my turn.

On my next turn, I move Roswell up to an enemy fencer using Thunderbolt. I accidentally also include Nietzsche in the union, which turns out how you'd expect.

Some bandits and an assassin attack my team, which ends poorly for Roswell.

My next turn involves using Shield Barrier to take on the enemies. Roswell and Yggdra kill bandits, then Nietzsche softens up the assassin. Milanor then moves up to help out.

My next turn is powered by Sanctuary, which gets Milanor up next to the assassin who's been giving me trouble. Also...

Treasure Warehouse: Check Point!

I then kill the assassin, and Roswell hits Ortega for a sliver of damage. He also used Sanctuary, but as predicted the revived troops went down fast.

On Ortega's turn, he sent his remaining assassin to fight Milanor, and she only lived because Sanctuary has such low power. Ortega also endured another loss.

On my next turn, Yggdra heals. She celebrates by rushing Ortega with Mind Change.

As expected, Yggdra wiped the floor with Ortega. Milanor also stole his troops for a bit of a bonus.

Ortega's assassin then pretended that she was a threat by fighting Milanor, and Roswell got some more Ortega XP.

By this point, I'm running out of cards, so I take Banshee's Cry and use it on Ortega.Two easy wins later, he's damaged a bit more.

The assassin finally gets a win, but only because it's night. Roswell then hurts Ortega some and levels up.

I then use Flame to finish up. I'd worry about getting Ortega's item (the Boss Bandanna, which has the valuable Always Ace effect), but getting Yggdra experience comes first. So I let her get the kill, and she levels up.

Slain! -A warrior has fallen.-

Justice Prevailed! -Brigand King Ortega annihilated!-

Roswell wins MVP for this one, and it goes to his Tec. I missed out on the quick clear bonus, though.

New items:

I really hope Yggdra gets some Luk soon so I can fix her item drop issue.

29th Sep '11 10:07:19 PM flag for mods
Man, your commentary is genius. I play the game and things like this go right over my head... some genre savvy guy I am =(
Gnaish 29th Sep 11
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